Dave Pederson

Dave Pederson Net Worth: $12 Million

David Pederson is the executive director of Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center, where he engages people in outdoor activities to learn about geography.

He has a passion for helping others and enjoys inspiring them to explore their environment. Additionally, he loves traveling and spending time with his family and friends.

Early Life and Education

Dave Pederson was born on November 26, 1943 in Duluth, Minnesota to Reynolds and Lucille (Bergquist) Pedersen.

Dave and his two older brothers spent a lot of time outdoors during their childhood years. They went camping, hunted, constructed forts and generally explored the outdoors.

He is currently the executive director of Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center in Watertown, Wisconsin where he has been engaging youth with nature since 1995.

He has an experienced team at the center that are equipped to offer programming both on site and off. Pederson is passionate about his work and believes that everyone should have access to nature. Pederson will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Professional Career

Dave Pederson’s professional career has been filled with obstacles. He played professional baseball, ice hockey and football for various organizations throughout his long tenure.

David was a student assistant coach for UNW’s Men’s Basketball team from 2014-2018, helping them win two UMAC titles and three UMAC Tournament championships. Additionally, his efforts helped propel the Eagles to their first NCAA Sweet 16 in program history.

After leaving UNW, he worked as a Graduate Assistant Coach at the University of Dubuque for two seasons where his responsibilities included recruiting, scouting and academic advising for the Spartans. It was during this period that they went on to win two games against Top 25 nationally-ranked teams.

Achievement and Honors

Peterson’s musical abilities continued to blossom despite arthritis that had begun to set in during his teens. He composed several works for jazz groups, such as “Hallelujah Time” and “Blues for Big Scotia,” plus arranged songs by Count Basie, Ray Brown, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Roy Eldridge and Marian McPartland.

He was renowned for his numerous film scores, with his score for The Silent Partner earning him a Canadian Film Award in 1978. Additionally, he composed music for documentaries such as Big North and Fields of Endless Day.

Personal Life

David Pederson’s life took an unexpected turn when his father Doug Peterson passed away suddenly in a golf accident at the age of 17. This devastating loss completely altered everything for Dave and forever altered the course of his future.

He had a charismatic personality, who loved to care for those around him and make people smile. His sense of humour, wisdom, and faith were deeply valued to him.

He was an incredible entrepreneur, founding multiple businesses to support his family. A native of Hubbard, Texas, he spent most of his career working as a welder and machinist before retiring in 2015.

Net Worth

The NFL coach boasts a net worth of $12 million. This fortune was generated through his coaching career and winning the Super Bowl.

Coach Pederson began his coaching career at Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana and later served as an assistant coach for both Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

After spending time in various coaching positions, he was named head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2022 and earns approximately $8.5 million annually.

Peterson began his YouTube channel in September 2014 and has seen phenomenal growth ever since. He monetizes it using Google ads, boasting 10 million subscribers and earning approximately $300,000 a month from advertisements.

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