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Daves Construction Company Profile

Daves Construction is a commercial general contractor that constructs retail stores, pharmacies, financial institutions, religious facilities, government projects and car dealerships. Over the past 12 months they have completed 24 jobs; subs and vendors reported being paid on time. To learn more about their payment performance as well as typical contract terms you can check out their profile below.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Daves Construction requires a great deal of hard work, dedication and meticulous detail. In return for their services, the company provides competitive pay and benefits as well as an encouraging work environment with numerous advancement opportunities.

Though a small company, it boasts an impressive track record for paying subcontractors on time. Furthermore, its employee recognition programs and perks are well-known to be top notch.

The job is rewarding and interesting. The company has an excellent culture, where employees are held accountable for their own work yet treated fairly. Furthermore, the business provides a generous retirement plan as well as top-notch health insurance coverage.

Achievements and Honors

Dave has extensive experience in the design, construction and project management of numerous projects. His hands-on approach to construction ensures clients receive top notch service throughout every step of the process.

He is an integral member of the Signature Development Group’s founding team, responsible for all daily construction operations and supervision on each project. With extensive expertise in project planning, environmental remediation, horizontal/vertical construction projects as well as budget management he brings a wealth of knowledge to each endeavor.

Accident Fund’s Loss Control team recently recognized Davis Construction with a WorkSafe Award for their impressive workplace safety improvements. These measures included creating an in-house job site safety manual, regular inspections on site and regular meetings between managers and supervisors; these measures have enabled Davis Construction to maintain an impeccable 100% job site safety rating with Accident Fund since 2014.

Personal Life

Dave is a dedicated family man, cherishing quality time spent with his wife and daughters. They reside in an impressive 4 bedroom, 2 bath home that features an impressive wine wall across from their mudroom entrance.

He is a certified construction professional with degrees in both construction engineering management and business administration as well as a certificate in leadership development from Arizona Builder’s Alliance. His portfolio includes projects ranging from small office fit-outs and tenant improvements to large scale new building construction.

He is an active participant in the real estate community, having expertise in land acquisition and development as well as real estate appraisal. He takes great pride in the company’s accomplishments, particularly those related to employee wellness and providing quality services at competitive prices.

Net Worth

Dave Marrs Construction is a well-known construction and interior design firm owned by husband-wife team Dave and Jenny Marrs. They’ve been featured on multiple seasons of HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous and recently started up a new venture where they renovate existing houses into vacation homes.

Dave is a highly skilled, reliable, flexible, and efficient company that specializes in renovations and additions on time and within budget. Additionally, his clients enlist his advice for building their ideal home. Furthermore, Dave has extensive knowledge about building systems, construction technology, scheduling, subcontractor relations, as well as safety regulations. Dave’s dedication to PCL’s future growth and its people demonstrate his leadership mindset and dedication to creating lasting legacies.

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