David Aipperspach

David Aipperspach

David Aipperspach is an acclaimed American professional accountant and businessman. He co-founded and serves as CEO of Expensify, a premier accounting platform.

He is also a writer and TV host, living in Athens, Alabama with his wife Leslie. Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to aiding those around the world.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Aipperspach is an exemplary and well-rounded individual with a vast amount of expertise. He was previously professional baseball player, financial advisor, and successful real estate investor.

He is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker, sales trainer and business coach who emphasizes bringing humanity back into sales, networking, social media and entrepreneurship.

He is the founder of Deo Volente Media, a multimedia production company that creates Christian films and presentations. He has an affinity for art and loves teaching others about Christianity through media. When not at work, he enjoys reading, playing ultimate frisbee and cycling – with one focus: serving others – something which has enabled him to achieve great success in life.

Achievement and Honors

David Aipperspach has achieved many remarkable accomplishments throughout his life. He held numerous high-ranking positions and was honored by his colleagues with various honors.

David Aipperspach was raised with a lot of love and tenderness by his parents, which ultimately helped shape him into the person he is today with an immense zest for life. This nurtured David’s character and inquisitive nature.

David is deeply committed to service to others and has dedicated himself to aiding countless people around the world. Through his fundraising efforts, David has raised millions of dollars and donated hundreds of thousands of hours in his community.

Personal Life

David Aipperspach has always had a thirst to learn and explore different fields, which has enabled him to make an immense impact on both his own life and that of those around him.

He possesses an in-depth knowledge of business and management, which has contributed to his success. Furthermore, he founded his own foundation that strives to enrich people’s lives through education and training.

David has achieved great success through investing his money in well-regarded businesses, which has enabled him to amass an immense fortune.

He enjoys a massive following and creates captivating content for his fans. He’s married to Hollywood actress Lacey Chabert and has a daughter named Julia Mimi Bell.

Net Worth

David Aipperspach is an American entrepreneur and media mogul. He founded Barstool Sports, a sports and men’s lifestyle blog.

He is an accomplished YouTuber and podcaster, estimated to have a net worth of approximately $125 million as of 2022.

His primary sources of income come from advertisements, paid partnerships, and brand endorsements. David boasts a large fan base that earns him substantial money for each video he posts.

David enjoys spending his free time admiring his car collection. He owns a Ford Mustang GT Convertible and a Dodge Ram 1500, among other models.

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