David Alaniz

David Alaniz

David Alaniz is a well-known figure in the United States. Throughout his lifetime, he has achieved great success through various endeavors.

He has amassed an impressive net worth. Let us take a closer look at his life and career to understand why.

He was a member of the Homel-Alaniz Band, a Grateful Dead tribute band. Additionally, he performed with Dark Hollow.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Alaniz has worked as a congressional aide for the Democratic Party since 2014 and receives an annual salary of $7,595 in addition to other expenses.

His personal financial disclosures reveal that he owns a home, a car and has several loans and debts. Furthermore, his net worth stands at $2,427.

A congressional aide is typically paid to assist a congressman with legislative tasks, such as writing bills. On average, these professionals make around $16,875 annually.

Keim’s post-termination complaint to MSHA does not raise safety issues, but instead is framed in terms of bullying/harassment. Unfortunately, this matter falls outside MSHA’s purview and Keim failed to inform his supervisor or management of these concerns. As such, the Attorney General is now conducting an investigation into the matter.

Achievement and Honors

Alaniz has achieved a number of accolades during his time at NSU for his service to both students and the community. Most notably, he served as an honorary member of Phi Theta Kappa – an honorary designation given only to about 1% of undergraduates at NSU.

Alaniz not only achieved academic excellence, but he also personifies the Golden Eagle spirit by creating an atmosphere of camaraderie among students and faculty, as well as supporting numerous extracurricular activities. While serving in student government, he served as de facto spokesperson for the university both inside the classroom and out on campus. Furthermore, he has been an active participant on the Student Clubs and Organizations Advisory Board.

Personal Life

David Alaniz is an active participant in the American community. He has donated to numerous charity organizations and is also involved with his church.

His hobbies include sports, reading and spending time with his family. He is an adoring father and husband.

David Alaniz despite his hectic career always finds time for quality time with his family. He and his wife have five children as well as a daughter-in-law.

He was a beloved husband, father and grandfather. Survived by his daughters Teresa Alaniz-Salinas (husband Ramon), Suzanne Diaz (wife Ed), son David Alaniz; grandchildren David Joseph Kelly and Simon Phillip Alaniz; great-grandchild Caroline Colette Kelly; sisters Judith Alaniz, Cecilia Kalich and Emilia Bank; as well as many friends and loved ones.

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