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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Star David Allaway’s Net Worth

David Allaway is a senior policy analyst for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. At DEQ, his work encompasses materials and waste management, greenhouse gas accounting, as well as other environmental matters.

He was instrumental in crafting Oregon’s 2050 Vision for Materials Management and has long pushed for a more comprehensive framework that takes into account all material impacts. Under his watch, packaging producers must pay more to support better wages and equipment upgrades at recycling sorting facilities.

Early Life and Education

David Allaway’s early life was filled with difficulties. He was born in Bethlehem, the capital of Judah’s southwestern kingdom.

As a young man, David served his father’s flock as a sheepherder. It is during this time that God anointed him as the future king of Israel.

David’s life serves as a model of faith and repentance, making him both the forefather to the Messiah and an inspiration to all faiths. His exemplary qualities were evident during his kingship, which are still celebrated today both in Judaism and Christianity alike.

Professional Career

David Allaway is currently a senior policy analyst for Oregon Department of Environmental Quality with over 30 years’ experience in materials management, sustainable production and consumption, waste prevention and recycling. His most remarkable achievement lies in using life cycle assessment to transform Oregon’s outdated waste management system into an efficient one.

He is responsible for many notable accomplishments, such as developing Oregon’s consumption-based greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and contributing to ICLEI USA’s GHG accounting protocols for communities and recycling. But perhaps most importantly, his job allows him to work alongside amazing people while being part of a team dedicated to making our planet better! When not at work, you can find him hitting golf balls or enjoying some sun on Iona.

Achievement and Honors

David Allaway is a proud graduate of the College of the Holy Cross, having graduated in 2005. He currently directs the Heritage Program for Saint John’s Bible–an engineering marvel that blends calligraphy and illumination to create one of history’s most beloved artworks–as well as being an accomplished public speaker and author who has received numerous accolades over time. Much of David’s success can be attributed to his wife Sarah–she’s a senior speech pathology major; Madeleine is a sophomore early childhood/special education major; and Rebekah is a sophomore liberal studies major.

Personal Life

David Allaway has an affinity for Scotland’s lesser-known regions. He enjoys sharing the beauty and history of these areas with visitors, who he considers his friends.

David relishes his free time by exploring art and music. He also loves spending quality time with family and friends.

David Allaway is currently employed as a senior policy analyst within the Materials Management Program of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. His responsibilities include sustainable consumption and production practices, materials (including waste management), and greenhouse gases.

Net Worth

David Allaway is one of the most beloved stars on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. His role as Frank Reynolds has earned him a large fanbase and he also stars in Taxi and Karen Sisco, contributing to his substantial net worth. Additionally, co-stars Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson, along with Danny DeVito and Charlie Day have done quite well for themselves; together their estimated net worths total up to $80 million!

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