David Anton

David Anton

Since 1994, Dave Anton has been practicing law in metro Atlanta, representing clients on a range of matters such as personal injury, real estate and contract disputes. Additionally, he has served as mediator and appellate litigator with an excellent reputation for both compromising settlements and vigorous advocacy.

Early Life and Education

Anton was born and raised in Great Neck, New York and attended Great Neck North High School before relocating to Vancouver, Canada where he earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia.

He has also served as professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, teaching courses in philosophy, psychology, music and theatre. As an author of numerous books and journal articles, he has received many awards for his teaching abilities.

He is a harmonica player who has performed at Unity and Unitarian church services as well as Centers for Spiritual Living across America. Additionally, he led meditation music workshops at yoga studios and served as musical director at Asilomar New Thought gatherings annually. Additionally, he collaborated on vocal CDs with Laura Berryhill.

Professional Career

Anton has studied various aspects of plant flower development. These include the effects of synthetic plant growth regulators, or “growth retardants,” on flower buds and flowers.

He also conducted research into psychopathological and physical development disorders among children and adolescents, creating caring-educational recommendations to support disturbed developmental processes. Furthermore, he founded several centers for developmentally disabled children.

He is a lawyer who represents clients in major civil and white collar criminal defense litigation. His expertise spans product liability, mass torts and class actions, food contamination issues and environmental matters. Many of these disputes were successfully settled without charges being filed or verdicts of acquittal obtained.

Achievement and Honors

David Anton has earned a host of accolades and awards throughout his career. As an esteemed director, he has directed numerous television shows and films.

He is an accomplished artist specializing in Western painting. His works have been showcased at multiple galleries.

Additionally, he was honored with both the University System of Georgia Academic Recognition Day Outstanding Scholar Award and College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Award.

He is an extremely self-motivated and resourceful member of the Morden team. He has an eye for precision and detail as well as a logical, systematic approach to his work. Furthermore, his extensive understanding of construction contract planning and time management enables him to effectively manage large projects.

Personal Life

David Anton was a family man and passionate about having an enjoyable life. A proud alumnus of Dickinson High School and longtime resident of Gillette, Wyoming, Dave was also proud to be father to two and enjoys being outdoors. Married for over 30 years to Kim, Dave enjoyed working on cars and trucks as well as taking his dog for walks in the woods. One day Dave even decided to start his own business – which turned out quite successful: dave anton trucking company! This venture continues today under its original owner

Net Worth

David Anton is an experienced attorney who has assisted many with their high asset divorce cases. His knowledge of finance and accounting, along with forensic experts’ ability to analyze financial facts in these cases, make him the perfect resource.

His net worth is estimated to be in excess of $3 million. Additionally, he serves as CEO for Gold River Group LLC – a technology solutions and content marketing firm with clients in Minnesota and California.

His primary source of income comes from his chess playing career, though he has also made money through acting. He has appeared in M-Net telenovelas Dominion, Strike Back and Homeland.

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