David Appleby

David Appleby is a Well-Known Historian and Actor

David Appleby is a highly acclaimed attorney who represents clients in a range of legal matters. With extensive experience defending and prosecuting cases before both state and federal courts, his expertise speaks for itself.

David Appleby made the decision to move from Utah after graduating from the University of Utah and this change ultimately led him to embrace Catholicism.

Early Life and Education

Appleby received his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah in European history, and was inspired to move to Virginia by an ancient historian on faculty.

His academic interests focused on medieval history, and he earned both master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Virginia. It was during this period that he converted to Catholicism.

After earning his doctorate, Appleby relocated to Memphis, Tennessee where he taught and made documentary films. His first documentary film, At the River I Stand, focused on Memphis’ civil rights movement while Hoxie, Arkansas documented rural community integration during 1950s; it aired on PBS and earned both duPont and Peabody awards.

Professional Career

David Appleby has held a variety of professional positions during his career. Additionally, he is actively involved in his community by serving on the Board of Aldermen for Fremont Hills, Missouri.

David Appleby has dedicated himself to providing the highest level of service and integrity to his clients. He holds several financial designations, such as Chartered Financial Consultant and Certified Life Underwriter.

As a result, he has enabled his clients to meet their financial objectives and secure their futures. Furthermore, he provides them with investment opportunities they wouldn’t find on their own, making him an acclaimed financial advisor in the industry with an ardent client base.

Achievements and Honors

David Appleby has earned a place of honor among historians and filmmakers with his many awards and honors.

His accomplishments are well-recognized, but he is equally renowned for his commitment to social justice. An advocate for human rights advancement, he has worked with organizations such as the UN on various projects.

As a film professor at the University of Memphis, he created award-winning documentaries that focused on the civil rights movement and its aftermath. His films have been broadcast on major networks and earned duPont and Peabody awards.

He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and serves on several boards, such as Royal College of Physicians’ founding board trustee, University of Huddersfield’s Advisory Committee on Health and Social Care Policy, and University of Essex as visiting professor.

Personal Life

David Appleby’s family roots run deep in southwest Missouri. His great-grandfather Sam Appleby served as a Greene County judge.

Fresh from law school, David Appleby began practicing law in his hometown of Ozark in Christian County. Later on, he was appointed local judge and city attorney for Ozark.

He then joined the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (Knights Templar), serving as its national president.

He was an active participant in various charitable, patriotic and hereditary organizations such as the Sons of the American Revolution. Additionally, he volunteered for both American Red Cross and United States Army Reserves organizations. A Vietnam War veteran with overseas service in Panama, South Korea and Germany, he earned himself the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star and Combat Infantryman’s Badge awards.

Net Worth

David Appleby is an acclaimed Australian actor with a net worth of $5 million. He gained notoriety for his roles in films such as The Avengers (1998) and Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014).

He is also a painter and his work has been displayed in galleries worldwide. Furthermore, he contributed to a book about Colchester United – his hometown football club.

He is a successful entrepreneur who owns a 5% stake in Energy Transfer, the natural gas distributor and pipeline company where he served as co-CEO from 1995 to 2007. Furthermore, he owns the Texas Rangers baseball team.

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