David Aviram

David Aviram

David Aviram is a Principal at Maverick Real Estate Partners LLC, an investment adviser based in New York City that invests in opportunistic real estate credit.

He is an active investor in dozens of startups across medicine, automotive, artificial intelligence and beyond. His vision is that these ventures can make a real impact for humanity.

Early Life and Education

David was raised in the Judean hills of Bethlehem, just south of Jerusalem – in a family of farmers and sheep-breeders.

The Bible describes David as an intelligent, heroic and prophetic man with a close connection to G-d. He always believed that God’s will was best for him and the Jewish people, and lived his life accordingly.

He had a profound understanding of how to deal with foreign enemies and build a kingdom. He knew how to balance his military tactics with mercy and sensitivity towards other cultures. Furthermore, he had great respect for Jewish wisdom and their faith in G-d’s Law.

Professional Career

Aviram has dedicated most of his professional career to the Israel Exploration Society, where he has worked since 1943. Throughout this time, Aviram has witnessed many significant milestones in archaeology in Israel.

He has spearheaded numerous digs, such as the first Jewish exploration of the Dead Sea and Masada. Additionally, he holds the record for being the longest-serving member of an esteemed archaeological society.

His current position is Principal at Maverick Real Estate Partners LLC, a private equity firm. Though Maverick may not be well-known to everyone, its business model has drawn serious skepticism from industry veterans like Steve Croman and Joseph Chetrit.

Achievements and Honors

Aviram is an accomplished pianist who has performed as a soloist with numerous orchestras across North America and Asia. Additionally, he is an accomplished composer.

He is the co-founder of OrCam, a company that creates an innovative wearable platform for partially sighted individuals. Additionally, he invests in many Israeli high-tech startups, providing advice and assistance with his expertise as a businessman and visionary.

He and Martell, who have kept their venture quiet until now, provided The Real Deal with some answers to a list of questions. The only public photo of them is one taken at their office, featuring Aviram wearing gray hair and a clean-shaven face and Martell in khakis.

Personal Life

David Aviram has a deep-seated passion for music. A classical pianist, he has performed with numerous orchestras across America, Korea and Japan.

He has taught master classes at universities in Israel and South Africa, as well as piano festivals in Japan, Korea, and the United States. With a degree in history from Princeton University and a law degree from the University of Miami School of Law under his belt, he holds an impressive list of accomplishments.

He is a senior member of Maverick Real Estate Partners LLC and serves as its Principal. Having joined the company in January 2010, his responsibilities include overseeing all operations of the business and providing financial analysis to help commercial building owners sell or refinance properties.

Net Worth

According to a new list of the Middle East’s richest people, the founder of an optical camera company worth at least $1.9 billion. That puts him behind Coca-Cola Israel owner Stef Wertheim, Check Point cofounder Gil Shwed and energy magnate Yitzhak Tshuva in terms of net worth.

CEOWORLD magazine compiles this list, drawing data from respected wealth-tracking media such as Bloomberg, The Richest, Cheat Sheet, Money Inc, GOBankingRates and Celebritynetworth. The rankings are based on stock prices through September 2, 2022.

Aviram is a well-known figure in real estate, but he doesn’t tend to make headlines or speak at conferences. He and his business partner Martell don’t have an active social media presence and are rarely visible at industry gatherings or parties.

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