David Brownell

David Brownell

David Brownell is the Executive Director of the North Olympic History Center and passionate about history. To him, it’s important that people can explore their past through various mediums.

Experience a magical journey through NOHC’s research library, filled with historical documents and photographs from both Port Angeles and Vancouver, as well as oral histories from those who have lived here for many years.

Early Life and Education

Dave Brownell was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Clarkson University.

He holds a Master in Management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

David Brownell is the Executive Director at North Olympic History Center in Port Angeles. There, he oversees their efforts to educate people about their area’s past through exhibits and educational programming.

He works in NOHC’s Research Library, home to a bust of Lincoln and an impressive collection of historical newspapers and periodicals. Thanks to a grant from Clallam County Heritage Advisory Board, this collection will soon be digitized and made accessible online.

Professional Career

David Brownell has held numerous leadership roles within various industries for most of his professional life. Currently, he serves as Senior Vice President at Tyco International, based in Stratham, New Hampshire.

His role at the company involves developing and executing corporate marketing strategy, as well as maintaining community connections throughout America. Furthermore, he plays an active role in overseeing mergers and acquisitions activity for the firm.

When not at work, David enjoys spending time with his family and traveling the world. He has taken many outdoor courses and spent five years as a river guide for Noah’s River Adventures. Additionally, his passion for cooking has led to the completion of a bachelor’s degree in outdoor adventure leadership from Southern Oregon University.

Achievements and Honors

David Brownell has made a lasting impact in education. He has earned numerous teaching awards and currently directs the Research for Inclusive STEM Education Center at Arizona State University, where he also teaches biology classes.

He has served on a number of boards and committees, most recently as President of the Board of Trustees at Clarkson University where he has been since 2014.

He has been an ardent champion of education, advocating for students and their success. He has served on the boards of numerous organizations such as the Independent School Association and National Association of Independent Schools.

Personal Life

David Brownell was a French culinary trained chef who showcased his talents both domestically and abroad. However, after years of searching, he found that his sense of fulfillment didn’t come from working in an establishment.

He sought a way to combine his love of travel and the outdoors with an exciting career. That’s when he decided to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership at Southern Oregon University (SOU).

After graduating with his degree, David was introduced to Inner Guide Expeditions by a friend. From the very start, Tom and Kelly inspired and challenged him alike; with their support, David decided to take up that challenge head-on. Now David finds great satisfaction in mentoring others on their unique journeys.

Net Worth

Kelly David Brownell (born October 31, 1951) is a clinical psychologist and academic with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He currently teaches at Duke University as the Robert L. Flowers Professor of Public Policy and directs the World Food Policy Center at Sanford School of Public Policy; previously he served as founding Director of Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity.

According to his Form 4 filings with the SEC, he owns approximately 5,276 shares of Unitil Corp (UTL) stock. Since 2003, he has made at least 5 insider trades; the largest being when he purchased 1,000 shares on March 11th 2004 for $27,680. In the last 3 months, insiders have sold zero shares and acquired none.

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