David Buchanan

David Buchanan

David Buchanan is a lawyer at Brown & James who specializes in product liability and professional liability litigation.

He represents transportation companies in catastrophic injury claims throughout Missouri and Kansas. Additionally, he serves as national coordinating counsel for a manufacturer/supplier of ceramic products.

Early Life and Education

David Buchanan was born in Jamaica and moved to the South Bronx, New York in 1985. Growing up among a vibrant arts scene – both on stage and screen – David was inspired to achieve greatness and reach his full potential.

He was a strong believer in goal setting and always strived for success. At Nova Southeastern University, he earned his High School Diploma, Bachelor in Education and Masters of Business Administration.

He later joined Northwestern Mutual, where he has been employed for over two decades. Known for his love of life and passion for providing individuals with knowledge and tools to reach their financial objectives, he has achieved Pacesetter 40 and Second 60 recognition within the company and is currently the top advisor in the Midwest region.

Professional Career

David Buchanan is a recognized expert in finance, providing advice to borrowers — particularly emerging companies — on all aspects of their business operations, from growth and acquisitions to liquidity events and restructuring. Additionally, he provides strategic counsel to private equity firms and lenders from both sides of a deal – whether it be on behalf of the borrower or lender.

He strongly believes that an intimate and lasting relationship between client and advisor is the foundation of success. A dedicated steward of his clients’ needs, he takes great joy in working together to reach their business objectives.

In his spare time, he prioritizes the things that matter most to him – his family and garden. He grows a variety of fruits and vegetables, preserves seeds, and grafts trees – all while telling stories about food, its history, and connection with nature.

Achievements and Honors

Buchanan’s career has been dedicated to serving his fellow writers. He has dedicated countless hours towards providing credit arbitration – one of the Guild’s most valuable core services – which continues today.

He is renowned for his expertise in electronic information discovery and preservation. He frequently presents on this topic to a variety of audiences, such as lawyers, judges, students, and professional organizations.

He currently serves as head coach at Carroll University, a Division III school in Waukesha, Wisconsin. With an impressive list of accomplishments on the college level under his belt, he has enjoyed great success throughout the years.

Coach Robert Wood has extensive coaching experience, having also served as Director of Basketball Operations at Drake University for one season. A member of the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC), he’s represented the Midwest region in the NABC Division III All Star Game in Salem, Virginia.

Personal Life

Buchanan is a writer who has dedicated himself to cultivating and preserving food. His first book, Taste, Memory: Forgotten Foods, Lost Flavors & Why They Matter, showcases both his storytelling ability as well as his enthusiasm for biodiversity.

He has authored multiple books and contributed essays to renowned magazines. Additionally, he has spoken on national television, in print media, at conferences and events alike.

Buchanan was a Scottish political and economic journalist, Whig activist, editor of the Caledonian Mercury from 1817 to 1827 and of The Edinburgh Evening Courant from 1827 until his death. He had great admiration for Adam Smith’s theories on free trade policies advocated by Smith and actively helped spread his ideas.

Net Worth

Dave Buchanan is a financial advisor with Series 63 and 65 licenses, currently employed by Creativeone Wealth LLC in Leawood, Kansas.

He has extensive experience from Change Path LLC, Trinity Financial Group, Conservative Investment Specialists, Inc and Gradient Advisors, LLC.

David Buchanan was born on May 11, 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia and attended Fayette County High School and Chipola College before pursuing a degree.

His junior and senior years saw him earn team most valuable player recognitions. Additionally, he holds the Fayette County single-game strikeout record.

He was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2010 and quickly rose through the minor leagues to be considered a major league prospect.

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