David Candle

David Candle – A Great Gift For Anyone That is Missing Their Man

The David candle is an ideal present for anyone missing their man. It can be displayed on a shelf, bookcase or bathroom counter as a reminder of him.

Middle Davids Artisan Candles is a Christian business founded by Arthur Catlin and his son Dan. They make candles to raise money for church trips for kids who otherwise cannot afford it.

Early Life and Education

Dave was an exceptional scholar with a lifelong fascination for reading. He pursued education and became an influential leader in the early childhood field, co-authoring numerous articles, chapters and books along the way.

He spent time at Vanderbilt University, where he designed and ran a demonstration preschool in Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, he co-authored Opening the World of Learning – an effective preschool curriculum.

David and Nancy were active members of the United Church of Christ. In addition to serving on church committees, they also volunteered for community projects.

They shared a passion for music, participating in numerous choirs, musical groups and events. Their talent could be seen throughout their home and garden; additionally they founded the Gambrinus Society – an area homebrew club.

Professional Career

He had a fulfilling and satisfying career in the pharmaceutical industry. As an engineer by profession, his innovation and creativity were invaluable assets to J&J Vision (formerly Vistakon), his employer.

David was passionate about his job and made the most of every opportunity, whether that meant traveling the world, connecting with colleagues or focusing on personal development and philanthropy. He was a dedicated and kind individual who was always ready to lend a helping hand.

He was passionate about his hobby of candle making and often helped kids on mission trips raise funds to fundraise, giving them a life-altering experience while also drawing people closer to God. This passion fit perfectly with his middle name of David; therefore, they named their business Middle Davids Artisan Candles after him and Arthur.

Achievements and Honors

Former wide receiver Candle served as an assistant coach at Mount Union for six years prior to coming to Toledo. During that time, the Purple Raiders went 83-4 and won three NCAA Division III national championships.

Over his seven seasons as Toledo’s head coach, Candle has amassed an impressive 54-32 record with two MAC Championships and six bowl appearances. Additionally, he is renowned for developing players who go on to play professionally in the NFL.

Candle’s list of players who he has coached as either an assistant or head coach and who went on to professional football includes Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts, both having distinguished NFL careers with Indianapolis, Washington and San Francisco.

Personal Life

David Candle is a family-run business in a small town that produces some of the best candles in the industry. They’re also one of the few businesses in the Triad that gives back to its community. David Oreck, the shop’s founder and World War II veteran, believes that owning a business should always include giving back to those you serve.

The company’s top of the line product is their NEOS-scented, frosted 15-ounce bottle with a 50-hour burn time. They also carry lip balm, soap, hand lotion and bath bombs among other items. Be sure to sign up for their text message alerts to stay up to date on deals and product reviews directly in your phone.

Net Worth

Net worth is the total of all your assets, less any liabilities. Assets include cash in checking and savings accounts, investments, cars and any other items you could sell for money if necessary. Liabilities refer to debts such as credit card bills, mortgages and personal loans.

David Candle is a middleman who helps fund children’s mission trips to churches that cannot afford the expense. His shop, Middle Davids Artisan Candles, has raised funds for many such trips; as both an ordained pastor and business owner, his business venture fits perfectly for him and his family. Together with his father Arthur Catlin – also a retired pastor – they use their candle making talents to make these trips possible for kids from their church.

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