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David Condit Net Worth – Facts About David Condit

David Condit was an American engineer employed by Boeing. His expertise led to the development of aircraft such as the 727, 747 and supersonic transport programs.

Throughout his career, he was awarded numerous patents. Additionally, he served in the Oklahoma State Legislature.

Early Life and Education

David Condit was born on May 24 1921 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to John W Condit and Martha Jane McCurdy.

As a child, he lived with his grandmother Martha. In his teenage years, he worked at the family grocery store.

He then went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in business from Penn State University. Additionally, he completed an orthopedic residency and hand surgery fellowship at the University of Michigan.

In 1992, he became president of Boeing and worked to unify their 450 computer programs into one set of off-the-shelf software that all employees could access. He also initiated Boeing’s acquisition of McDonnell Douglas, a firm known for its strict discipline policies.

Professional Career

At the age of eighteen, David Condit began his professional mixed martial arts career and quickly achieved success. He has competed at the highest level of the sport, excelling in both striker and grappler styles.

He has achieved success in the UFC with highlight-reel finishes and thrilling battles, earning himself a reputation for fighting from his heart.

He has competed a total of 19 times in the UFC, earning himself an impressive 9-10-0 record with one draw and four losses. He’s battled many top welterweights in the sport and earned himself multiple Fight of the Night awards for his efforts.

Achievement and Honors

Condit has earned accolades for his numerous contributions to the aerospace industry, such as his leadership of Boeing 777 aircraft design and manufacture. Furthermore, his pioneering work in aerodynamics and composite materials technology have been recognized as having created a new class of airplanes.

Condit has received many honors and recognition, such as his tenure as chairman of the university’s board, selection as an honorary member of its trustees, and induction into Northeastern’s hall of fame. Other highlights include his contributions to higher education generally; founding of Center for Innovation & Creativity at Northeastern; founding its College of Engineering; and spearheading eLearning program launch.

Personal Life

David Condit was an American patriot and colonel in the Revolutionary War. He passed away in 1869.

He was an acclaimed fashion designer, known for his work on numerous magazine covers and in various aspects of the industry. He was praised and admired by countless celebrities around the world.

In his free time, Condit dedicated himself to his family and causes that he believed in. He helped restore homes that had been damaged by hurricanes and was an active donor to various organizations.

Net Worth

David Condit has an estimated net worth of $3 million, mostly derived from his MMA career.

He is a retired UFC fighter with an impressive 32 wins and 14 losses on his record.

His MMA career culminated with him winning both the WEC welterweight championship and UFC light heavyweight title. Married to Seager Marie McCullah, he has one son named Owen Condit.

He served as chair and CEO of Boeing from 1996 to 2003, leading its merger with McDonnell Douglas and relocation of its headquarters to Chicago. In 2003, he resigned to take responsibility for a military procurement scandal.

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