David Consultant

David Consultant

David is a franchise consultant dedicated to helping you identify the ideal franchising opportunity. With extensive experience building successful businesses from scratch, David can advise you on potential risks and financing strategies.

He has worked on a range of projects, such as aiding startups, non-profits and large companies launch new product development (pivot) efforts in clean technology and sustainable energy. Furthermore, he has assisted utilities and energy company clients manage turnaround operations, post-merger integrations and digital transformation.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood is an incredibly critical period in a child’s development. They experience rapid brain growth during this period, and it’s during these formative years that children develop social skills, self-worth, perception of the world and moral outlooks.

Early childhood education programs provide children with smaller class sizes and plenty of teacher interaction time, giving them the chance to develop social skills such as turn-taking, participation and cooperation while building essential emotional competencies like self-assurance, self-regulation and emotional expression.

Early childhood is often the first time a child will interact with people outside their immediate family, providing educators with an important opportunity to guide and mentor these students as they embark upon new experiences away from home.

Professional Career

David consultant brings a unique set of insights to his advisory work in leadership and governance matters. He assists global enterprises and brands with senior leadership recruitment/succession planning, board effectiveness assessments, and other pressing governance concerns.

David is a Member of Russell Reynolds Associates’ Board & CEO Advisory Partners Sector and previously co-led our Technology Practice. His recent assignments encompass a wide variety of senior-level leadership and board search engagements in technology, automotive and industrial segments.

David has achieved remarkable success in his career by applying his business acumen and customer-centric focus to developing others’ potential. He is a frequent guest on radio interview shows, industry publications, webzines and association keynotes alike.

Achievement and Honors

David’s achievements span the globe, from his time on the White House web team to founding an elite pharmaceutical consulting firm. Beyond his professional accomplishments, David has also been a pillar in his community; serving on boards for numerous arts and social service nonprofits like Jewish Federations of Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Hillel and Hebrew Family Service.

David consultant has earned recognition for his business accomplishments in a variety of ways, but it is his contributions to the community which have really earned him respect among his peers. As an active volunteer and board member, David has served on numerous boards and given back generously – proud that his small contribution has made the world a better place for future generations.

Personal Life

David has an extensive background in education and leadership, having served as principal at two international schools and managing a not-for-profit social services agency. Furthermore, David has expertise in commercial real estate and finance.

David works with leaders across industries to encourage them to think differently, collaborate on solutions, and achieve fast, lasting success. His extensive understanding of current leadership issues prompts them to take action and produce lasting outcomes.

David provides inspirational presentations that inspire his clients to be their best selves, no matter their management level, industry, geography, culture or function. He believes that if you think better, you’ll do better. When not at work, David enjoys skiing in the mountains, reading a good thriller and playing golf; plus he gets to spend quality time with family and friends.

Net Worth

Net worth is the total value of one’s assets minus liabilities. Having a healthy net worth will allow you to live comfortably during retirement years.

Your assets include cash, investment accounts, retirement plans and items like cars or real estate that could be sold for cash at a profit. Conversely, liabilities include credit card debt, mortgages and student loans that need to be repaid.

Saving a little each month and investing it wisely can be the most beneficial for building wealth. The key to doing this is by seizing opportunities when they present themselves; whether starting a business or finding your ideal career, stay motivated to maximize every potential. Don’t let any opportunity pass you by without taking action!

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