David Dimmer

David Dimmer

David Dimmer is an upbeat optimist, an innovator, and a relentless seeker of excellence. He’s also a proud, engaged dad who fiercely protects his family.

He has been a pioneering force in the global train control industry since 1987, leading Thales Urban Rail Signalling’s development of radio-based CBTC products that are currently installed on lines in China and Kuala Lumpur.

Early Life and Education

David Dimmer’s childhood was filled with adventurous activities and trips to Europe with his father. It also marked a time when David’s developmentally disabled brother experienced stability for the first time in eight years.

Chance or fate eventually led him to an architecture program at the University of Texas at Arlington that proved challenging but rewarding. After graduating, he joined a local architect firm which had grown to nearly 300 employees.

As Chief Creative Officer at Troup, David oversees all advertising and strategic efforts as well as digital and branding work. A positive optimist, David demands excellence from his team while traveling, skiing and being outdoors. When not at home in Denver with his wife and three children, you can find David enjoying life to the fullest!

Professional Career

David Dimmer is an accomplished professional with expertise in all facets of rail signalling. Currently, he serves as director of Product Strategy for Thales Group’s Urban Rail Signalling Business Line – an international leader in rail and mobility solutions. He has played an integral role in the design of SelTrac, a radio-based train control system being implemented throughout China and beyond. The company is renowned for its creative engineering and cutting-edge research and development of new technologies. He is also a certified magician and philanthropist, donating both time and money to charitable causes. With an eclectic taste in music, he’s played DJ at events such as Diynamic’s Club EGO in Hamburg and BKI club there.

Achievement and Honors

David Dimmers many accolades include being named a Distinguished Alumnus at the University of Minnesota. Beyond his many patents, awards and accolades, he also dedicates time to philanthropy and pardoning while managing both fulltime employment as well as several part-time gigs with his family responsibilities. This has been one of his most enjoyable and fulfilling times in life.

Personal Life

David Dimmer was an engaging and caring individual who placed family above all else. His smile and contagious personality left a lasting impression on those who met him.

David was an upbeat optimist who believed in the power of ideas. As a leader, he strived to create a better world for his family and community.

He was an amazing father and loving husband to Tope, his Nigerian-born wife of almost 30 years. Together they had three children – two boys and a girl.

He was an upbeat and adventurous individual who loved to travel, explore nature, and enjoy classic cars and jazz. Additionally, he had an immense admiration for Henry David Thoreau – so much so that he could recite poetry from memory!

Net Worth

David Dimmer is a renowned and successful criminal defense attorney. He has been practicing for decades, earning himself an impressive fortune in the process.

The attorney is best known for his work on the Michael Peterson case, which made headlines across America and inspired a true-crime TV series. At 73 years old, he’s not just an accomplished lawyer but also a kind and compassionate individual who has managed to maintain his integrity despite immense fame.

Dimmer is an upbeat optimist who relishes challenges and helps others reach their goals. Together with his wife Tope, they are proud parents of three children – two boys and one girl. When not at home in Denver, Colorado, the Dimmers enjoy outdoor activities like skiing.

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