David Dingle

David Dingle

David Dingle is the CEO and Chairman of Carnival UK, having previously served as Chief Executive Officer at P&O Cruises and Cunard Line.

He was awarded a CBE in 2009. He currently sits on the Board of European Community Shipowners Association and is affiliated with The UK Passenger Shipping Association.

Early Life and Education

David Dingle is a well-known figure in the world of cruise liners. A graduate of Jesus College, Cambridge, he currently serves as Chairman for Carnival UK.

He served as President of both the UK Chamber of Shipping and CLIA Europe, in addition to being a director for both the Association of British Travel Agents and UK Passenger Shipping Association. A Younger Brother of Trinity House, he was awarded a CBE in 2009’s New Year Honours.

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Professional Career

David Dingle is Chairman of Maritime UK, an organisation which brings together shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine industries to shape government policy. He also holds directorships with both the UK Chamber of Shipping and European Cruise Council.

He began his career with P&O Cruises in 1978 and held various commercial positions before being appointed managing director in 2000. From June 2007 until September 2014, he served as CEO for Carnival UK.

David Dingle currently serves as Chairman of Maritime UK, representing all aspects of maritime activity across the UK – shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure maritime industries. Additionally he has held leadership roles on the boards of both the UK Chamber of Shipping and European Community Shipowners Association.

Achievement and Honors

David Dingle, former Chairman of Carnival UK and CEO of P&O Cruises, is an illustrious executive with over four decades in the shipping industry. A member of both the UK Chamber of Shipping and European Cruise Forum, his expertise continues to be sought-after throughout this sector.

He is a proud Cornellian and has been involved in many academic and recreational endeavors. For instance, he created a CD of Cornell songbooks from vinyl records from the 1950 Glee Club’s ensemble.

He is a member of the university’s Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society and served as president of his undergraduate chapter. Additionally, he received the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program Scholar award. Additionally, in 2022 the College of Arts and Sciences honored him with an Outstanding Senior award from the university.

Personal Life

David Dingle is an esteemed figure in the UK shipping industry. He currently chairs Maritime UK and served as Director and Past President of the UK Chamber of Shipping, in addition to sitting on CLIA Europe (formerly known as the European Cruise Council).

He joined P&O Cruises in 1978 after graduating from Jesus College, Cambridge with an MA in classics. Throughout his career he has held positions in marine engineering, finance and marketing.

As well as supporting the marine industry, he is an enthusiastic supporter of sustainable development. He endorses various environmental initiatives like fuel-saving ships and hull coating. Living in Hildenborough with his wife Lovie and sons, they often enjoy skiing holidays in Megeve, France.

Net Worth

David Dingle has been the Chief Executive Officer of Carnival UK since June 2007 and holds full operating responsibility for P&O Cruises (UK) and Cunard. In addition, he served as past chairman of both the UK Chamber of Shipping and European Community Shipowners Association/CLIA Europe boards.

He owns 14,448 shares of Carnival Plc stock worth $469,798. Since 2011, he has made four trades in Carnival plc stocks; the most recent activity being the sale of 14,448 units on January 21st 2014 for $615,629 with a net gain of $2.34 Million. His average trading volume for these shares is 2,194 units every 34 days.

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