David Domchek

David Domchek, Pen Argyl Area High School Principal

Domchek has served as a high school principal in Pen Argyl Area School District for over 25 years, holding various administrative roles throughout that time.

Domchek, as principal, isn’t afraid to challenge students who struggle with their studies. Additionally, he believes that standardized tests should not be the sole factor in evaluating a student.

Early Life and Education

David Domchek has been working in education since he graduated from Penn State with a degree in criminal justice and history. He began as a teacher, then worked as assistant principal at Catasauqua High School before taking over as principal at Pen Argyl Area High School this year.

He states the most impressive aspect of his new job isn’t simply being a high-ranking administrator; it’s being part of an inspiring team that makes such an impact on students’ lives. His colleagues include teachers, administrators and board members. Other benefits of working at his current position include flexibility in scheduling as well as access to cutting edge educational technology. Most importantly, however, is having fun while at work!

Professional Career

Domchek was selected as Pen Argyl Area High School’s new principal this year after serving as assistant principal at Catasauqua High School. According to the school district, he was chosen from four finalists.

For decades, Domchek has been researching BRCA mutations, a genetic marker for cancer susceptibility that can influence treatment options. Her patients include three sisters whose breast cancers were caused by this mutation: Laura Temple, Jen Schmidt and Sarah Matos – all of whom saw her at the Basser Center where they credit her knowledge and expertise with helping them through diagnosis and treatment. But Domchek’s work doesn’t stop there; she oversees research, outreach and education activities at the Basser Center as well. It is her passion to find discoveries where top experts’ skills overlap.

Personal Life

David Domchek is a passionate supporter of students’ education. He believes standardized tests shouldn’t overshadow the hard work students put in the classroom, and he’s dedicated to ensuring all students have access to quality educational experiences. As principal of Pen Argyl Area High School, Domchek plans on continuing this commitment. In his personal life, Domchek says he has an especially close connection with two sisters — Laura Temple and Jen Schmidt — who were treated at Basser Center for breast cancer after testing positive for BRCA mutation; as such they know they can come to him anytime with questions or worries regarding their treatments or ongoing research into BRCA that could benefit their children.

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