David Doseck

Father David Doseck

Father David Doseck’s mission in life is to lead others toward love. His life is guided by a clear understanding of his priestly calling.

Doseck was a young boy when He realized Jesus Christ was a real person and loved Him. These memories formed the basis of his ambition to become a priest.

Early Life and Education

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Achievements and Honors

David doseck is an accomplished entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful businesses. As an accomplished speaker, he has spoken to audiences worldwide and earned himself a huge social media following. Through his platform he educates, challenges and motivates others to take action; earning him the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Center Global Nonviolence Award.

David Doeck is a true success in both his professional and volunteer endeavors, having donated over one million hours and raised an incredible $165 million for various causes. Away from work, David cherishes spending time with his family; he has two children and six grandchildren. Additionally, David loves travelling, always looking for new adventures to take his family on.

Personal Life

At the age of 13, David Doseck shared many of his peers’ aspirations. He wanted to excel in athletics, find a lucrative career and become famous. But two life-altering events caused him to turn away from material things and focus on spiritual matters instead.

Father Doseck is currently serving as pastor of three Catholic parishes in New Paris, Camden and Eaton. As a newly appointed pastor, he is still learning the intricacies of being an effective parish leader. Despite these early difficulties, Father Doseck remains dedicated to his calling and the many people within it; knowing that God has been by his side throughout every step along the way.

Net Worth

Father David Doseck boasts a net worth of $5 million, earned through his work within the Catholic church. He is renowned for his support of LGBTQ+ people and ability to foster an admirable sense of love and respect for others. Additionally, Father Doseck possesses strong leadership abilities that have been recognized with numerous awards for his efforts within society.

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