David Dromy

David Dromy, a Yemeni-Israeli Lawyer

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His father, Ely Dromy, is an active supporter of Jewish and Yemenite causes. Additionally, he owns a real estate company with significant presence in Los Angeles, including Tifereth Teman Synagogue on Pico Boulevard.

Early Life and Education

Dromy’s family embarked on their emigration from Yemen in October 1949, becoming one of the earliest waves to make history by immigrating to Eretz Yisrael. They boarded what would later be dubbed “the magic carpet,” or kanfei nesharim in Hebrew.

Though their journey was long and winding, they eventually made it to Israel and remain active members of the Jewish community today. From Tifereth Teman synagogue on Pico Boulevard to a philanthropic organization named in their honor, the Dromy family is an influential force within the community. Furthermore, David, their oldest child, is an accomplished attorney while his younger counterpart is studying medicine with ambitions of joining medicine someday.

Professional Career

David Dromy is an experienced lawyer in litigation and finance. His clients span across various industries such as telecom, technology / SaaS, industrial, medical, and more.

As a trial lawyer, David has the unique ability to secure settlements and verdicts for his clients. His successes range from personal injury and wrongful death cases to product liability issues, premises liability disputes, and other types of civil law matters.

His career has seen him handle cases across Arizona and beyond, representing those severely injured due to construction accidents, motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice, and legal malpractice.

Achievements and Honors

David Dromy was an extraordinary student who strived for academic excellence and success. Throughout his life, he earned numerous academic accolades and honors.

He was an inspiring leader and mentor to his students, inspiring them to pursue their interests, inspiring creativity and ambition in them.

In his free time, he enjoyed kayaking rivers and lakes, hiking in the mountains, and watching wildlife. Most importantly, he loved spending time with his family as an incredible husband, father, brother, and friend.

Dave lived his Christian faith with the same dedication and focus he applied to his professional work. As an active participant in Teleios’ small group, Dave engaged the Bible with the same sharp intellect he applied to legal briefs. His family and friends will truly miss him dearly.

Personal Life

David Dromy is an eminent real estate investor and philanthropist, supporting numerous Jewish and Yemenite causes.

In 1971, Dromy’s family immigrated from Israel to the United States. He currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA with his wife Lauren and son Elyahu.

Dromy’s father was one of thousands of Yemenite Jews airlifted to Israel during the 1940s. He and his family were among the earliest arrivals at Ein Shemer, one of the makeshift transit camps that housed many immigrants.

After the war, Dromy made a name for himself in real estate and philanthropy. His company owns numerous properties throughout Los Angeles and he has made numerous contributions to the Jewish community.

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