David Egan

David Egan

David Egan is an experienced human resources professional with more than 15 years in global HR management. He collaborates closely with Mesirow business leaders on strategic talent management, human capital development and employee engagement initiatives.

He has a deep-seated passion for those with intellectual disabilities and is an ardent advocate on the local, national and international level. His efforts aim to change perceptions by encouraging respect and dignity among those affected by intellectual disabilities.

Early Life and Education

David Egan is an enthusiastic champion for people with intellectual disabilities. He holds leadership positions on the local, national and international level as well as expertise in education, medical care and research.

Egan was born with Down syndrome in Madison, Wisconsin and suffered from moderate to severe mental retardation as a result. As a result, his family moved from Madison to Virginia in 1984.

At Vienna Elementary School in Virginia, Egan was inspired by Rachelle Zola’s teacher to be creative and think outside the box. She encouraged him to write poetry during school assemblies and take him into the community on field trips.

In her free moments, Egan enjoys writing fiction longhand; she typically scribbles five to six pages daily in an overstuffed IKEA armchair in her office or outdoors under a magnolia tree in her backyard. For Egan, it feels like meditation; it allows her to switch off from critical thought and let go of inhibitions.

Professional Career

David Egan has been a leader in the real estate sector for over 25 years. His extensive expertise includes serving as Manager of Transaction Real Estate at Ernst & Young, where he provided strategic consulting, valuation services, and market analysis to numerous owners, investors, and users of real estate.

He previously worked as an Investment Sales Broker at Colliers International, specializing in the marketing and sale of large institutional industrial and office portfolios. Prior to that he served as Acquisitions Officer and Financial Analyst Manager at Duke Realty where he oversaw the valuation and underwriting of over $1 billion worth of acquisitions, dispositions, development projects, leasing arrangements and capital improvement initiatives.

As an advocate for people with intellectual disabilities, dave egan is dedicated to changing perceptions, encouraging respect, inclusion and dignity and inspiring individuals to reach their highest aspirations. He has spoken at Special Olympics events around the world and is part of Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger class of 2014-2018.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Egan has earned many distinctions throughout his life as an accomplished athlete, author, public speaker and life-long advocate for those with Down syndrome. He was named a Special Olympics Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger and Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Public Policy Fellow among other honors.

He has served on the Global AcceptAbility Gala Committee and keynoted multiple GLOBAL research symposia. His work has been recognized nationally.

He has earned numerous accolades, such as the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Critics Circle Award for his novel-in-stories A Visit From the Goon Squad. His writing has also been featured in Time, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

Personal Life

David Egan is an accomplished swimmer, baseball player and public speaker who advocates for people with intellectual disabilities. As a leader at the local, national and international level, David has earned himself a place of honor in this movement.

He has been an enthusiastic supporter of Special Olympics since childhood, crediting it with giving him a voice and propelling him towards success.

He resides in Peekskill, NY with his wife Kathleen and four children. As a dedicated dad, he has had an immense impact on many of the kids he coached for years at Peekskill Lapolla Little League. He is immensely proud of them all and eagerly anticipates each sporting event they participate in.

Net Worth

He was an accomplished actor, having starred in many successful films and television shows.

Egan and Patricia Hardy have been married for nearly 30 years, with four daughters born to him on July 29, 1921 in California.

After graduating from university, he failed several screen tests before landing a role in 1949 Hollywood film The Story of Molly X. Other small roles he had include The Good Humor Man, The Damned Don’t Cry, Return of the Frontiersman and The Golden Horde.

He also starred in the western TV show Empire, which ran for two seasons and was later renamed Redigo after his character Jim Redigo.

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