David Gardella

David Gardella

David Gardella is the Chief Financial Officer at Donnelley Financial Solutions Inc. He owns 157,465 shares of the company’s stock worth $7 Million.

On August 9th 2022, he sold 74,265 units of Donnelley Financial Solutions Inc (DFIN) stock for over $3,131,755. This was his largest insider trade ever.

Early Life and Education

David Gardella was born on October 13, 1944 in Boston, Massachusetts to Joseph Warren and Elena (Shinn) Gardella.

He received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and master’s degree from the University of Durham. Additionally, he worked as a magazine editor.

David Garro worked with several produce growers, selling grapes and other fruits to customers around the globe. Additionally, he helped cultivate and distribute new varieties of grapes for international markets.

David gardella enjoyed sailing his Hinckley Sou’wester yacht when not at work. He also followed New England sports closely, being an All-Midwest lacrosse player and talented soccer goalie.

Professional Career

Gardella had early success as a professional player, yet never quite made it to the major leagues. Instead, he relocated to Mexico and played for Jorge Pasquel in 1946.

Pasquel had led the Mexican League and was attracting top players from the US. In addition to Gardella, Pasquel signed Max Lanier and Fred Martin.

Commissioner Chandler however remained unmoved and labeled them jumpers, effectively banning them from baseball.

This case was one of the most influential to clarify the relationship between baseball and antitrust laws. As a result, baseball made significant changes to their labor structure that provided players with more freedom and autonomy.

Achievement and Honors

David Gagella is an illustrious member of the University of Buffalo faculty with a deep-seated commitment to serving Western New York’s residents. As author of several books on public service, his work has been recognized by both state and federal governments alike, as well as by those he serves.

One of his many accolades, one of the most prestigious is being named an Honorary Doctor by the University of Buffalo. Additionally, he was inducted into CWRU Hall of Fame – one of only three such individuals in its long and illustrious history – honors for which he truly deserving. Living on the fringes of Buffalo with his wife Mona and their three daughters, he feels blessed beyond measure.

Personal Life

David Gardella was an accomplished artist and gardener, teaching classes on art and gardening to children and adults throughout the Bay Area. Additionally, he coordinated nature-related science education at Helen Diller Preschool at JCCSF as well as Town School for Boys.

He served as chief financial officer of DFIN and held various other roles at Donnelley Solutions Inc, such as senior vice president for Investor relations and Mergers & Acquisitions.

He was an agricultural consultant to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a founding member of the American Grown Fruit Council. His passion was cultivating new varieties of grapes, and he enjoyed sharing fine wine with family and friends.

Net Worth

David Gardella has an estimated net worth of $7 Million as of 2023-04-13. He serves as Chief Financial Officer for Donnelley Financial Solutions Inc and owns 157,465 shares of their stock. According to Gardella’s Form 4 filed with the SEC in 2020, he made one insider trade on DFIN stock since 2020 – selling 74,265 shares on August 9th for a total cash payment of $3,131,755. To understand more about David and this company click here.

Donnelley Financial Solutions, Inc is an American firm that develops, markets and sells software to manage the operations of financial institutions and businesses.

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