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Dave Whitlock created this dry fly terrestrial pattern by combining elements of Joe’s Hopper and Muddler Minnow patterns.

This lifelike grasshopper imitation is tied with a spun deer hair head, knotted yellow-dyed grizzly hackle legs and poly yarn body for exceptional floatation and realistic lifelike action. A must have in any trout box!

Early Life and Education

He was raised in a middle class family on top of a hill overlooking the Hudson River. His parents were well-read and culturally aware, inspiring him to pursue art full time.

Hopper developed an appreciation for literature and poetry during his childhood years. He read English classics as well as Russian and French translations, developing a vast library.

After graduating from school, Hopper moved to New York City and pursued art under William Merritttttt Chase and Robert Henri.

He developed a distinctive style of painting, marked by its emphasis on depicting life with realistic detail. He often completed his works en plein air but also used memory to create images from memory. His most popular subjects were lone figures – usually women – in windowed interior settings; these depictions showed off his preference for quiet reflection and showed off the depth of his personal insight.

Professional Career

David Harbour had already established himself as an accomplished actor before landing the role of Chief Jim Hopper on Stranger Things. But he hadn’t expected to be given the job; his experience wasn’t quite good enough for them.

Thankfully, he succeeded and went on to achieve great success as a leading role actor in film, television and theatre.

He is also a music producer and DJ with an international following that has seen his original music featured in movies, commercials and television programs.

He is a two-time United States Patent Holder (pending). His first invention involved improving punching speed and power; the second involves creating an ergonomic design for dentists’ chairs and other healthcare professionals’ work stations.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Hopper has earned a host of awards and honors throughout his lifetime, both for his artistic accomplishments as well as for his professional contributions and accomplishments.

He holds a Juris Doctorate from Wake Forest University School of Law, North Carolina’s premier law school. Additionally, he founded Auditmacs – a technology lifecycle consulting and outsourcing firm.

Hopper is widely considered as the pioneer of fuzz bass music, introducing its sustained burning tones into early Soft Machine’s soundscape and inspiring other bassists’ explorations with fuzz and buzz in subsequent decades both on and off shore. He continues to perform bass in numerous bands such as PolySoft and Delta Saxophone Quartet today.

Personal Life

When not busy filming blockbusters, Dave Hopper enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and daughter Cleo. They own a small cottage in San Juan Capistrano’s hills.

Dave Hopper is an enthusiastic hiker and photographer, exploring local trails for photos that he will later transform into paintings or sculptures. He enjoys fishing as well and is an accomplished angler. Hopper has played for several top level professional rugby teams such as the Brumbies and Waratahs; despite his boisterous demeanor he is an affable individual with a great attitude. A natural leader, Hopper serves his current role as Wallabies captain by setting an example and showing younger boys what they have been missing out on.

Net Worth

David Harbour, star of Netflix’s Stranger Things, boasts an impressive net worth. He’s made a career out of acting and has appeared in major films like Suicide Squad and Black Widow.

Harbour earned a salary of $100,000 per episode during the first two seasons of Stranger Things, totalling approximately $1.7 million throughout its run.

He received a Critics’ Choice Television Award for his role on the series and also won an Oscar as lead in Hellboy.

He boasts a large net worth and lives an opulent lifestyle. As an iconic figure in Hollywood, his fans number in the thousands; furthermore, he supports numerous charities.

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