David Heathcote

David Heathcote

David Heathcote has been creating art for over six decades, producing an enthralling body of paintings, sculpture, etchings and drawings in various media. Drawing inspiration from Africa as well as his native landscapes, David’s art exudes energy.

He is a renowned painter and lecturer whose work spans many disciplines. His recent solo exhibition at GV Art London, Beyond Horizons, showcased an impressive selection of works from this distinguished career.

Early Life and Education

David Heathcote was raised with tremendous wealth by his parents, who provided him with everything he ever desired. They also instilled in him the value of education so that one day he could attend college and pursue a career as either a doctor or engineer.

He went on to earn a degree in English, then began his career as an educator in Ohio. Ultimately, he became an instructor for the theater department at Wright State University.

Professional Career

David Heathcote, an investment and international banking professional, has achieved great success in his field. As KPMG’s Global Head of Deal Advisory and Lead Partner on one of their Strategic Accounts in the Financial Services Sector, he is accountable for creating solutions to meet the demands of his firm’s clients.

He relishes working in partnership with his team, where he can draw upon his extensive industry expertise to craft solutions tailored specifically for their clients. The challenge of creating value that may not be easily accomplished by other firms is what keeps his job exciting.

Achievement and Honors

David Heathcote has earned an array of awards and recognition throughout his career, particularly for his groundbreaking contributions to architecture.

He has authored numerous books on architectural history, such as one dedicated to the Barbican. Based on his own research, this work provides many fascinating details about its construction as well as its significance within London’s landscape and architecture.

He has also received multiple honors from the American Association of Geographers (AAG). These awards recognize individuals for their outstanding accomplishments in scholarship & research, teaching, education, service to their discipline and public service outside academia.

Personal Life

David Heathcote has an inspiring artistic vision. For sixty years, his artworks have ranged from paintings, sculptures, etchings and drawings in various media.

He has resided in Kent since 1979 and his art practice encompasses a range of media such as oil, acrylic, collage, printing techniques, assemblage pieces, clay works and bronze.

His paintings create an immersive world of captivating glamour and intrigue, blending iconic pre-war design with contemporary conceptions of beauty and silverscreen romance. “The past can seem like a stage set – another world,” he states.

He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design and Illustration at Liverpool School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University. His current research interests include international history of highways, South Yorkshire’s architecture, as well as the connection between industrial/military architecture and wartime design.

Net Worth

David Heathcote has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. His residence is 49744 Parkside Drv in Northville, MI 48168-6823.

He is estimated to earn between $50-74K annually and owns a home.

He makes $2,358,180 as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director at Zix Inc.

Most of these families’ fortunes derive from long-held companies based in Europe, North America and Asia. The list excludes first-generation billionaires and clans whose sources of wealth are too diffuse or opaque to value accurately.

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