David Himes

David Himes

Himes is a renowned actor best known for his roles in The Swarm, First Watch and The Magic of Lassie. Additionally, he served one term as representative from Ohio in Congress.

Himes was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison for his involvement in a violent home invasion robbery of drug dealers across West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. As part of a larger group that committed similar robberies across West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, himes was part of this ongoing pattern of violent home invasion robberies.

Early Life and Education

Himes’ early years were difficult. Born into a light-skinned family in Jefferson City, Missouri, Hesmes experienced his parents’ disapproval and black-on-black racism firsthand.

Himes’ father was a college professor who taught courses on industrial arts. The Himes family then relocated to St. Louis and Cleveland, with Himes earning his living as an unpaid laborer.

Himes, while an undergraduate at Ohio State University, sought out a more challenging education. He began gambling and spending time in speakeasies and bordellos to support himself financially.

While in prison, Himes began writing stories in his cellblock on a typewriter he bought with part of his gambling winnings. Eventually, these tales found an outlet in Esquire magazine.

Professional Career

David himes has acquired a wide range of professional experience throughout his life. His skills encompass project management, construction administration, quality assurance and cost control as well as residential design.

David also finds time to enjoy the great outdoors, fishing and hiking. For him, it’s all about the little things that add up to a lifetime of memories.

Himes has served in the House since 2009, representing Connecticut’s 4th congressional district. A Democrat, He is currently the ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and sits on the House Financial Services Committee. A passionate supporter of social causes such as education and environmental protection, Himes has always taken an active role in his community.

Achievements and Honors

His career has seen Himes achieve a number of notable triumphs. He was elected to represent Connecticut’s 4th District in Congress, serving since 2008.

His first election to the House saw Himes upset longtime Republican incumbent Chris Shays in District 38 – comprising Bridgeport, Greenwich and Stamford. The result was a stunning victory for Democrats in what has since been completely represented by them.

Himes has sponsored legislation that advocates for evidence-based programs to deliver higher education at lower costs and enhance its quality for middle and low-income students. Additionally, this bill, which Himes plans to reintroduce in the new Congress, promotes innovation and accountability at our nation’s institutions of higher learning.

Personal Life

David Himes, a senior software developer at NOAA’s Science on a Sphere in Boulder from 2001 until today, was an upbeat individual with a big heart. He enjoyed spending time with family, watching movies, riding motorcycles, using technology and taking vacations.

Himes was raised in a family of educators, and was immersed in an environment that defined him by its pursuit of an improved life. Despite growing up with this message instilled within him, Himes went on to craft novels about black people struggling against racism and inequality.

Lawrence Jackson, a professor of English at Boston College, has penned an insightful biography of Himes that encompasses all the facets of his remarkable and complex life. Particularly captivating are His prison years which Jackson chronicles with equal precision to those in later years.

Net Worth

A member’s net worth is determined by the value of assets reported on their personal financial disclosure forms. This information allows constituents to see how a candidate’s wealth has changed since they had to file candidacy paperwork.

David Himes is a renowned filmmaker, but he also owns an extensive real estate portfolio. This includes his home in New York City as well as multiple other properties.

The wealth-building potential of homeownership has been extensively researched, and it’s considered one of the most effective methods for increasing one’s net worth. Not only will you save on your mortgage payment, but a home also appreciates in value over time, increasing both your equity and overall net worth.

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