David Hunnicutt

David Hunnicutt

Dave Hunnicutt was previously CEO of WELCOA, Principal at David Hunnicutt Int’l and architect of numerous nationally recognized leadership, culture-building and well-being frameworks.

He’s an expert at streamlining complex concepts into something manageable and useful, helping leaders get results the right way. He has an uncanny ability to turn challenging business concepts into accessible concepts with lasting effects on leaders.

Early Life and Education

Early years are critical in helping children understand their environment and world, which provides essential experiences that foster brain growth and prepare them for academic success in later years.

Early childhood education aims to develop these abilities, specifically targeting students aged birth through eight years. According to UNESCO, its focus lies on meeting social, emotional and cognitive needs of its young learners.

Brain development happens quickly during this stage, making it essential to provide experiences and environments which create a solid basis for future success.

These include healthy nutrition, stable and responsive caregiving relationships between parents and child, and safe, supportive communities where children can form long-lasting bonds with others both children and adults. A strong foundation gives a child the foundation needed to develop essential social skills, self-esteem, moral perspective and cognitive capabilities necessary for future success.

Professional Career

David Hunnicutt, Int’l is a leadership training and consulting firm. Over his career he has assisted many top companies and organizations with building healthier workplaces that foster productivity while offering improved work/life balance.

One of his more interesting projects involved developing a suite of performance enhancement and wellness technology tools to assist companies with their efforts to enhance employee health, happiness, engagement and loyalty. These impressive devices included high-tech teleconferencing solutions, state-of-the-art mobile devices and an integrated real-time data platform – with one being cloud-based video conferencing system allowing multiple remote users to collaborate on a project via an audio/visual interface; providing interactive learning experiences that were easy on eyes and brain.

Achievement and Honors

David led WELCOA from its inception to become a market-leader with more than 5,000 employees during his time as CEO, by employing disciplined execution and impeccable customer service to lead a team that delivered 171 consecutive months of net profitability.

Today, David runs his own business and health consulting firm. He collaborates with forward-thinking leaders and health professionals seeking to establish cultures that work and high-performing workplaces.

Dr. Paul Leitao is widely-renowned for designing multiple nationally-recognized leadership, culture-building and well-being frameworks. He recently launched the Great At Work(r) Leadership Institute as his latest initiative – designed to assist leaders, managers and employees thrive at work through state-of-the-art training and customized coaching opportunities available on-demand – making this program suitable for organizations of any size, such as startups and nonprofits alike.

Personal Life

David Hunnicutt, internationally-recognized leadership expert. Formerly CEO of WELCOA and now principal of David Hunnicutt International (DHi), his leadership training and consulting company offers training to leaders globally.

He has earned acclaim for his ability to clarify complex business concepts while creating powerful leadership, culture-building and well-being frameworks. His latest initiative – Great At Work(r) – aims to assist leaders of all kinds and sizes transform their organizations and employees for the better.

Oregonians in Action is led by Oregonian James Osborn who has long been at the forefront of fighting Oregon’s most important land use battles over two decades. In 2009 alone, OIA won two critical legal victories against regulations which threatened property owners – though more recently OIA has decided to focus on shaping Oregon’s legislative process rather than court proceedings.

Net Worth

David Hunnicutt is a respected business leader and former CEO of WELCOA. With decades of experience teaching leaders how to understand complex business concepts easily and apply them correctly, his success in helping leaders become successful speaks for itself.

David Hunnicutt, Int’l is a leadership training and consulting company founded by Hunnicutt to assist leaders achieve the results they require in the most effective manner. Additionally, Hunnicutt serves as Principal of David Hunnicutt Int’l where his mission is to assist leaders achieve results through appropriate processes and programs. As Chief Architect of multiple nationally-recognized frameworks for leadership training, culture building, well-being initiatives.

He reportedly has an estimated net worth of approximately $18 Million, most likely earned through his acting career and ownership of stocks and bonds as well as owning various properties such as his home and vehicles.

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