David Hunsicker

David Hunsicker

David Hunsicker has been playing trumpet for 35 years and serving as Assistant Professor of Trumpet at Wichita State University since 2013. Additionally, he was responsible for inventing an inexpensive flexible plastic device that helps musicians control the third valve slide on a trumpet.

He wrote a book entitled, The Making of Stanley Hauerwas: New Explorations in Theology). In it he explores two seemingly opposing threads within Hauerwas’ theology – his claims of Barthicism and postliberalism.

Early Life and Education

Parents serve as primary educators during a child’s first few years of life, teaching them everything from language development and walking skills to feeding themselves and much more.

Children require active stimulation and social interactions in order to thrive; thus, schools began taking advantage of this crucial period and developing early childhood education programs.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) emphasizes early childhood development as an invaluable opportunity. At this stage of development, children build major brain structures which lay the groundwork for later learning, behavior and health outcomes.

At this early age, children need an excellent education that equips them with essential emotional skills such as self-confidence, managing emotions properly, self-expression and positive self-belief – which are crucial building blocks to social-emotional and academic success throughout their lives.

Professional Career

David Hunsicker has enjoyed an extensive and varied career as an orchestral musician, soloist, chamber musician and educator. Currently he serves as Principal Trump of both Wichita Symphony and Lancaster Festival orchestras as well as associate membership of Flint, Kalamazoo Battle Creek New Mexico Symphonies.

John has extensive experience representing banks, commercial finance companies, equipment lessors and other lenders in all aspects of secured credit facilities ranging from working capital lines of credit and equipment financing arrangements through company acquisition financing facilities to syndicated credit facilities and real estate transactions. Notable clients he has represented include National Bank of Omaha, New Tripoli Bank and Bank of America – serving on their board was one of his greatest professional achievements. In 2013 John also joined the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia where his legal expertise proved pivotal to its operation.

Achievement and Honors

David made an invaluable contribution to organometallic catalysis and has trained multiple generations of students and postdoctoral researchers – many of whom now work independently as independent academics in organometallic catalysis or related fields.

David takes an inclusive yet gentle approach when working with his group members, encouraging them to ask probing questions, take control of their research project and gain independence as autonomous researchers.

He is a humble family man who takes pleasure in spending time with his wife and grandchildren. On weekends he can often be found visiting the swimming pool on campus at Weizmann Institute or popping into his lab for casual discussions with group members. Additionally he loves evening walks and jogging in his free time, serving as an excellent example of cultural competency and diversity inclusion leadership.

Personal Life

David boasts an impressive list of accolades to his name, but perhaps his greatest achievement was excelling as a high tech executive. Currently serving as President and Chief Executive Officer at New Tripoli Bank (a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlantic Community Bankers Corporation) with oversight responsibilities for their digital transformation and cloud technology platforms; David also enjoys golf and is a passionate supporter of military services, particularly US Navy and Marine Corps units. Although his schedule can be hectic at times, David still finds time for family, pets and fun! All that counts in life matters most; nothing beats finding yourself enjoying something you love doing your work or having someone care for your family or business!

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