David Hussong

David Hussong

David Hussong is an esteemed businessman, musician and authority on vintage guitars. He serves as lead guitarist in Low Rent Blues All-Stars and oversees Fretware Guitars.

Hussong owns and operates Hussong’s Cantina in Ensenada, Mexico. Prior to that he served as head chef at Laja in San Diego.

Early Life and Education

Hussong was born November 13th 1950 in Dayton Ohio to William and Ruth Martin Hussong and attended Wayne High School in Huber Heights before earning his Phd in Microbiology at University of Miami in 1969. His research interests focused on several topics including developing and testing of antibiotics; his work has been published widely as well as providing consultancy in food and beverage industries.

Shakin’ Dave Hussong was an iconic host on WYSO radio for 25 years until his passing at age 76 on April 24. His loss is felt deeply throughout Centerville and its music community; his legacy lives on through Mary Neff; Daniel and Brian (his children); and Katie, their daughter.

Professional Career

David Hussong has over 46 years of experience working in microbiology. A retired scientist who spent 30 years with the Food and Drug Administration as associate director of new drug microbiology, David is also currently involved with regulatory microbiology issues at ValSource LLC as a senior consultant. Additionally, David is a member of both Parenteral Drug Association and American Society for Microbiology as well as having published over 50 scientific articles including environmental microbiology; survival/recovery of Legionella species; immunologic detection of Mycobacteria as well as sterilizing/filtration techniques – just to name a few topics! David serves as Chair for 2015/2020 cycle USP Microbiology Expert Committee which includes him being involved with regulatory microbiology issues at ValSource LLC as senior consultant/consultant role.

David Hussong has combined both professional and teaching careers. He taught technical writing at the University of Memphis as well as being a freelance contributor for Memphis Flyer newspaper.

Achievement and Honors

David has earned numerous honors for his work. He has won multiple musical awards and been nominated multiple times for Emmy awards.

Hussong has also been honored for his work as a blues guitarist. On October 25, Dayton (Ohio) Blues Society and WYSO 91.3 radio will hold a ceremony to recognize Hussong’s contributions to local music communities.

He has appeared on various US television programs such as Good Day LA, Fox 11 Los Angeles and Starting Point on CNN, where he was interviewed about his role in Blood Brothers and promoted his upcoming autobiography. Additionally he participated in a benefit show to raise money for TAPS (The Advancement of Prosthetic Services), an organisation that finances hand prosthetics; additionally appearing on a Partridge Family themed boat in Winterfest boat parade.

Personal Life

David Hussong is an esteemed microbiologist renowned for his cutting-edge research and testing of microorganisms. His areas of expertise include microbial ecology, recovery of Salmonella spp., immunologic detection of Mycobacteria as well as modern microbiology methods used for aseptic filling processes and endotoxins testing.

He is also renowned chef, creating signature dishes at Fauna, Bruma Winery’s latest addition in Valle de Guadalupe.

As well as his responsibilities at Cordatus, he also served as CFA charterholder for his team and was recognized on multiple lists of best fund managers by peers in the financial industry. Notable accomplishments included winning two major trophies including that for top ranked energy funds in the US – both of which had significant competition against him until they eventually prevailed thanks to sheer determination combined with both skill and luck.

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