David Judd

David Judd

David Judd is a communist/socialist and campus political activist. He currently resides in jail for his involvement in an anti-police protest on January 6, during which he threw firecrackers at police.

This book is the most comprehensive collection of writings ever assembled by Judd, featuring hundreds of new and previously unpublished essays as well as his undergraduate work at Columbia University – an important but little-known part of his early writing practice.

Early Life and Education

David JUDD earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the College of William and Mary and a master’s in art history from Columbia University. He also studied at the Art Students League in New York before teaching art at the University of California, Los Angeles.

In 1971, he rented a house in Marfa, Texas where the desert landscape and wide-open spaces resonated with his Minimalist aesthetic. In 1979, he purchased an 800-acre (1.4 km2) tract of desert land near Marfa and established the Chinati Foundation there in 1986.

Judd’s interests in art, architecture, design and politics persisted throughout the 1990s. He wrote numerous essays and books on these topics which illustrated his continued focus on key ideas like permanent installation as an important form of art, intersections between architecture and design, and connections between art and politics.

Professional Career

David Judd has spent his professional career working as a nurse practitioner in West Bloomfield, MI. He holds affiliations with Henry Ford Hospital and Pontiac General Hospital.

David Judd is a Nurse Practitioner and also works at Second Harvesters Food Bank. While there, he has helped package thousands of packages for needy families.

David Judd is a senior at Brother Martin High School and actively involved in his school community. He leads the Bibliomaniacs book club and participates in Speech & Debate Club activities, while also fighting bullying and environmental problems with friends. David plans on continuing these endeavors during college; ultimately pursuing either teaching or journalism.

Achievements and Honors

Judd was a theoretical physicist and the head of the Physics Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, as well as being an associate director and senior lecturer in their Department of Physics at UC Berkeley. Additionally, he had his hands in developing commercial fusion power technology.

Judd received numerous honors throughout his career, including the Hopper award which recognizes military members for their work during a major disaster or pandemic. Furthermore, he was made a fellow of both the American Physical Society and Phi Beta Kappa/Sigma Xi fraternities.

Personal Life

David Judd has achieved many remarkable things throughout his life. He has devoted himself to music, education and entrepreneurship.

He was also renowned for being an active participant in his community. He played an essential role in supporting both Lewis County Chamber Orchestra and Pacific Northwest Chamber Orchestra.

His daughter Wynonna Judd is a successful singer in the music industry. She has also been credited for inspiring her sister Ashley Judd, an actress.

David and Vicki look forward to spending quality time with their children Elijah, Grace Pauline Kelly and Ashley. Additionally, they enjoy camping, fishing and hunting when possible.

Net Worth

Ashley Judd is the daughter of country music singer Naomi Judd and sister to Wynonna Judd. As such, she has had an illustrious family career that spans three decades, as well as involvement in global humanitarian causes and political activism.

Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $25 million dollars. While some of her income comes from donations, the majority comes from her professional earnings.

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