David Loring

David Loring

David Loring is an American engineering professional and has been employed at Pare Corporation for over 35 years.

Dave is an expert in land development and municipal infrastructure. Additionally, his skillset encompasses civil engineering. Dave serves as a trusted client advisor on projects of all sizes and complexity.

Early Life and Education

David Loring was born in 1769 to Ezekiel Loring and Hannah Loring (nee Buxton) of Maine. After attending school there, he graduated with high honors from Harvard University.

He served in the United States Army and later developed his interest in cellular telecommunications. He joined Bell System where he worked for many years, pioneering early cellular telecommunication businesses.

He invested heavily in Minneapolis real estate, built office buildings and developed residential neighborhoods. Additionally, he was an influential figure during the early days of Minnesota brush electric, Soo Line Railroad and North American Telegraph Company. Additionally, he donated more than $50,000 towards purchasing and caring for elm trees for Minneapolis park systems.

Professional Career

Dave Loring has 30 years of civil engineering expertise, serving as a trusted client advisor for strategic planning, funding opportunities and project execution. His recent focus has been site-related infrastructure and transportation; however, his resume also includes various water, stormwater, flood protection and energy infrastructure projects.

David has served on Pare Corporation’s College of Engineering Advisory Board, is treasurer for the Massachusetts Tri-county Highway Superintendents Association in western Massachusetts and is involved in multiple professional organizations. He holds credentials as a LEED Accredited Professional and Envision Sustainability Professional as well as holding a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor’s License.

David was thrilled to attend the Autodynamics Reunion at Lime Rock a few weeks back, where he saw many old friends such as Ray Caldwell, Skip Barber and Jack McCormack. Additionally, David enjoyed laughing along with Brian Redman’s jokes.

Achievements and Honors

Loring earned the Medal of Honor during his military service, earning a Master in Management Science while serving as an executive with AT&T Bell System.

He and his wife Rosemary ran Loring Careers in Willow Grove, PA. During his tenure there, he managed to recruit several top talent including several renowned actors.

Loring is renowned for his contributions to sailing. He has competed in a range of racing events, such as the Star, Lightning and Melges 24 world championships. In 2009 he earned the Rolex Yachtsman of the Year award. Most notably though was his victory in 2.4 mR class sailing a boat that he has raced since 2008. Additionally, he wrote a book about sailing that can be purchased by any sailing enthusiast.

Personal Life

David Loring was an enthusiastic sailor, enjoying sailing on Lake Michigan and other Great Lakes. He also took his family on many vacations to interesting and educational destinations.

In 1964, Loring was cast as the iconic pigtailed Wednesday on ABC’s black comedy The Addams Family. Although she only appeared for two years, her performance became a landmark for live-action Wednesdays to come since.

After The Addams Family ended, her career took a few years to recover. Despite making an appearance on The Pruitts of Southampton, she failed to gain much exposure after that. Eventually, however, she found work in television commercials before succumbing to natural causes on February 16, 2007.

Net Worth

David Loring was a veteran of World War I who served with the 115th Machine Gun Battalion of the 30th Division of the Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina National Guard.

He was the third child and only son of George Washington Loring and Nessfield Green Loring, as well as a grandson of Lucius and Mary Marsena Brunson.

After leaving “The Addams Family,” Loring appeared in several other television shows and several slasher films such as Savage Harbor and Blood Frenzy.

On January 28th 2023, she succumbed to a stroke at the age of 64 and is buried at Los Angeles City Cemetery in California with her husband David by her side.

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