David Maberry

David Maberry – Author, Playwright, Musician, Lecturer and Content Creator

David Maberry is a distinguished American author, playwright and teacher/lecturer who has written over thirty novels and fifteen nonfiction titles since 1974.

Maberry is best known as the author of The Pine Deep Trilogy (Ghost Road Blues (2006); Dead Man’s Song (2007) and Bad Moon Rising (2008) as well as thriller and science fiction/horror novels. He has won multiple Bram Stoker Awards as well as being nominated for other honors.

Early Life and Education

David Maberry hails from East Texas. Through his appearance on “Wheel of Fortune” this past February, Tyler has gained increased awareness.

He has been writing books and other works for more than 50 years and boasts an extensive body of work. Additionally, he is a playwright and content producer.

His early work centered around martial arts. He has published books about jujutsu, karate and kendo.

Maberry was an avid reader and writer, producing comic books, magazine features and plays for both print and stage publication. Additionally he taught writing classes at many colleges and universities across the US, often being invited as guest speaker to campuses nationwide. Maberry won multiple awards for his works which have been published worldwide – spanning 70+ countries!

Professional Career

David Maberry has made quite an impression in baseball. He has played professionally across several leagues, and currently makes up part of Ottawa Titans in Frontier League.

His success at playing led to him being chosen for appearance on the popular television game show “Wheel of Fortune”, where he won $73,057 and an all-expense paid trip for his family to Aruba.

Maberry has made use of all his skills to great success on the baseball field. He has won multiple batting titles in the Frontier League and excelled as an excellent defensive player as well.

Erich has also written numerous thriller and horror novels, earning numerous awards for his efforts. Additionally, several of his books are for sale and he is listed among New York Times best-selling authors.

Achievement and Honors

David Maberry has made many outstanding accomplishments throughout his distinguished career as an American author, playwright, comic book writer, magazine feature writer, lecturer and content creator. Some of these achievements include having written a New York Times best-selling novel and winning multiple Bram Stoker Awards.

He was an active member of his community and took part in many civic and charitable activities, becoming well known for his kindness and willingness to help others.

Maberry has had an outstanding writing career. His works include gripping thrillers, fascinating nonfiction articles and entertaining comics – many of them published as graphic novels – in addition to serving as editor for The Big Thrill newsletter of International Thriller Writers (ITW). Maberry has also served as guest speaker or mentor at numerous conferences, libraries and schools across North America.

Personal Life

David Maberry is both an author and musician who specializes in post-apocalyptic zombie stories for young adult readers, winning various awards for his works.

Maberry holds a position as professor of digital humanities at the University of Sussex and his research specializes in critical theory, digital humanities and media theory.

He has published on various topics including martial arts and media, garnering various writing awards as a result. Additionally, his works are widely read.

Maberry, from Tyler in East Texas, made national news when he appeared on “Wheel of Fortune” last week and won $73,057 – including a trip to Aruba and Mercedes Benz CLA 250 – from this show. With that money he plans on taking his family on an East Texas adventure!

Net Worth

David Maberry works in pharmacy sales/marketing for a regional grocery company in Tyler, Texas with his wife and three children. They all love watching Wheel of Fortune together so the opportunity to appear on it was an absolute thrill!

He is an avid supporter of the Dallas Cowboys.

Maberry first began writing fiction centered around martial arts themes in 1990 with his first book Judo and You being published soon thereafter.

He later composed the Pine Deep Trilogy, which received the 2010 Bram Stoker Award. Additionally, he has published multiple post-apocalyptic zombie tales for young adult readers.

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