David Maidenberg

David Maidenberg

David Maidenberg will be greatly missed by his loved ones and the many people who knew and worked alongside him.

He was born in Philadelphia on April 28th 1910 and lived there with Rose and their two sons Milt and Ben until moving to Hagerstown later.

Early Life and Education

David Maidenberg was born in Marion, Indiana on October 21, 1949 to parents Frank and Nanette Zimmerman Maidenberg and was an inspiration to family and friends alike as an individual striving for excellence in life. He set an excellent example.

Marion High School graduated him in 1968, before enrolling at Indiana University Bloomington for his undergraduate studies and later George Washington University for a master’s in public affairs degree.

David Maidenberg’s passion lay not just in his professional endeavors; rather it lay with serving his community. A member of Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter and chairman of Grant County Democratic Party respectively, he advocated tirelessly on behalf of those with special needs while being an excellent father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Professional Career

David Maidenberg was an esteemed and skilled professional in his field, working for multiple government agencies such as the Indiana State Election Board and Ethics Commission.

He was active with nonprofit organizations, such as the Sierra Club. For seven years he served as director of its Hoosier Chapter.

He later founded Ethical Advocate, a company offering ethical management solutions to businesses of all sizes. As its president and chief ethical advocate, he was often called upon as an authoritative speaker at conferences and publications, was involved with elite special operations teams around the globe during his military service time, served on Kiva’s board, was an advisor to entrepreneurs, and provided services as an ethics management advisor for Kiva loans online lending company Kiva. Through all this experience he became a trusted adviser of many entrepreneurs.

Achievement and Honors

David Maidenberg earned many achievements during his lifetime, such as being named as the inaugural Director of the Indiana State Ethics Commission and being recognized for his innovative work on behalf of Hoosier taxpayers.

An analysis of his life work reveals he was generous, thoughtful and self-aware with an unrivaled sense of humor who thoroughly enjoyed being around Patricia Furlong (his wife of 16 years) and their two daughters, Lisa and Dory Fier.

David was a multifaceted individual who enjoyed leading an active social and cultural lifestyle. A proud member of AARP, he enjoyed attending social events and sporting activities with friends while traveling extensively and engaging in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and kayaking.

Personal Life

David Maidenberg was an engaged member of his community. He led his local political party and championed Sierra Club issues; additionally he worked closely with multiple nonprofit agencies.

He had an affinity for music and an uncanny talent for writing short stories. Additionally, he had a deep-seated dedication to animal welfare and always had an affectionate, warm demeanor.

He was born in Marion, Indiana and passed away peacefully surrounded by family and friends on March 4, 2022 at 72 years of age.

Net Worth

David Maidenberg was born and raised in Marion, Indiana by an attentive family who encouraged him to follow his dreams. Over time, David became an influential businessman, philanthropist, and politician – ultimately leaving an indelible mark both professionally and politically. He served as Director of the Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter and also held membership with the Democratic Party for many years. While he achieved many things during this lifetime, what made him memorable to many was his warmhearted nature and pleasant demeanor. He will always be remembered fondly by those he met for his unwavering friendship and mentorship, not to mention his lifelong dedication to animals. Lisa Maidenberg (Alex Rosenthal) and Dory Fier (Ryan), his daughters from previous relationships; as well as sister Jill Maidenberg (Richie Thal). All arrangements for his funeral service have been handled by Capri Funeral Home of Indianapolis.

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