David Major

David Major

David Major is a highly acclaimed attorney who represents clients in complex mediation, arbitration and litigation disputes. His expertise has been recognized by judges across Canada and the United States in Construction Lien Master Court proceedings as well as Superior and Divisional courts across both jurisdictions.

He has extensive expertise in corporate, securities and tax law matters. Additionally, he is a member of the Seattle-King County, Washington State and American Bar Associations.

Early Life and Education

David Major was born in Aynor, South Carolina. His parents relocated up north to work as live-in domestics for wealthy families, leaving him with his maternal grandparents at their farm home.

David went on to become a successful author, with his debut book The Johnstown Flood becoming an unexpected bestseller.

After his father died, David lived with his uncle Richard Lloyd – a minister and staunch liberal. David was heavily influenced by his uncle’s political opinions, growing up to become an engaged member of the community.

David was also a prominent member of the Philadelphia City Council, serving as its first Asian-American elected to political office and serving as its sole military veteran.

Professional Career

David Major is an experienced lawyer in business litigation and constitutional law. He represents clients on a range of business and civil litigation issues in both state and federal courts.

He is also a member of the American Bar Association and Hawaii State Bar. Additionally, he was recognized as a Rising Star in his state for taking the 2017-2019 bar exam.

As Associate Dean of DEI&B, Major will help further the Tepper School’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity by leading by example and cultivating key partnerships that promote inclusion within curriculum and pedagogical practices. We are thrilled that he is joining our faculty!

Achievements and Honors

David major is an internationally acclaimed endurance athlete and record holder. He has completed over 70 endurance races, consistently placing in the top five and winning many of them.

He is an award-winning artist, having displayed his artwork at numerous galleries throughout the US. His paintings demonstrate a keen aesthetic sense and ability to harmoniously merge human form with nature.

He has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Distinctive Character Lifetime Achievement Award from Cedar Hill. This honor was bestowed upon him in recognition of his dedication and commitment to both the community and small-town atmosphere of Cedar Hill.

Personal Life

David Major is a renowned politician who served as leader of the Conservative Party. During his tenure as prime minister, he guided his party to victories in multiple elections.

His personal life is equally captivating. He’s married to Norma Johnson and has two children.

They met while still students and have been together ever since – 14 years!

Major is an accomplished pianist and composer in his free moments. He began creating soothing instrumental music during high school.

He is an author, having published multiple books. Furthermore, he is actively involved in charity organizations such as the Ditchley Foundation and Pew Bertarelli Ocean Ambassadors; additionally, he sits on the Board for ONE Campaign.

Net Worth

David Major has an estimated net worth of $4 million, which he has acquired through his career as both a musician and actor.

He has also used his wealth to support various charities and causes. He serves as patron of Sightsavers UK, Mercy Ships, and the Prostate Cancer Charity.

His overall net worth is truly astounding.

He served as leader of the Conservative Party for 18 years and prime minister until 1997. During his tenure in office, he guided the country through economic crises and implemented numerous important reforms.

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