David Morton

Artist David Morton Kessler

Kessler creates abstract artworks with acrylic on aluminum that capture the beauty of water, its reflective surfaces and the foliage that often surrounds ponds or rivers.

David Kessler’s artwork challenges our perception of light. Utilizing various methods, he creates paintings which appear both realistic and holographic.

Early Life and Education

David Morton was born in Devonport, England and received his formal education at Pembroke College at Cambridge University. Additionally, he studied English literature and classical educational philosophy at the University of Oxford. A natural leader and mentor, David has a true teacher’s heart – making him an active volunteer within both Boy Scouts of America and church life alike.

He spent his career working in sales and management roles within the aluminum extrusion industry. He was an active member of the International Aluminum Institute and executive vice president at Alcan Aluminium in both Britain and Canada; ultimately being named to Marquis Who’s Who 2007 edition. David and Frances have lived in Harbor Springs since 2012 where they are active members of First Presbyterian Church as well as avid golfers. When not playing golf they enjoy hiking, boating, camping, sightseeing, visiting National Parks and taking nature photos for fun memories.

Professional Career

David aluminium’s expertise in business and management allows him to provide clients with practical legal guidance, concise answers to complex questions and feasible solutions. He works with companies across a range of industries such as logistics/transportation, manufacturing, healthcare and financial services.

He has extensive expertise in export controls and economic sanctions issues, such as consent agreements and voluntary self-disclosures. Additionally, he understands compliance requirements under BIS, DDTC and OFAC and assists companies with designing and implementing compliance programs. Furthermore, he defends employers in employment litigation regarding claims of discrimination or wrongful discharge involving sex, age, race and disability. A frequent speaker on employment law topics as well as advice on day-to-day employment problems and employee training, Mr. Dworkin also consults companies on day-to-day employment matters including employee training programs.

Achievement and Honors

David Aluminium has achieved much in his career. He is an expert photographer, creating stunning visuals for clients. Additionally, David is a talented painter.

His works have been exhibited internationally since 1977. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with a studio.

He has earned numerous awards and recognitions for his work. Additionally, he is an honorary member of the International Primary Aluminum Institute.

His professional accomplishments have enabled him to become an accomplished leader in the industry and is also highly regarded as an author, having published A History of Tulloch, Engineers and Manufacturers, Pyrmont and Rhodes 1883-1974 which received an Engineering Heritage Award from Engineers Australia.

Personal Life

David had a long and successful career in the metals industry, spanning two decades. He was truly an expert at all trades of manufacturing with special expertise on metallurgy and supply chains. Additionally, David made waves in sales and marketing with some prestigious clients from aerospace and automotive sectors.

David was an incredibly well-rounded individual who appreciated the finer things. Aside from his day job, he also volunteered at Harbor Springs First Presbyterian Church and served on the board of Birchwood Farms Golf & Country Club. A proud Navy vet, david also had a knack for philanthropy; endowing several charities with his skillset. Ultimately, david aluminium achieved great success as both a businessman and philanthropist while dedicating himself to his family, friends and career with unmatched dedication towards those closest to him.

Net Worth

David aluminium is a businessman with an estimated net worth of $50.3 Million. He owns over 225,000 shares of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Company stock and has made 42 trades since 2003.

On March 2, 2016, his largest trade was exercising 80,000 units of Reliance Steel & Aluminum stock for a total value of over $3,941,600. Furthermore, he earns $259,990 as director at Reliance Steel & Aluminum Company.

He is the co-founder of the Reuben Foundation, an organization dedicated to health care and education. Through his charitable donations in both the UK and USA, he has made millions of dollars available for charities across both nations.

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