David Mott

David Mott, a Member of the Healthcare Investment Team at NEA

David Mott is a member of NEA’s healthcare investment team. He joined the firm in 2008 after serving as CEO of MedImmune.

At NEA, Mott and his colleagues search for investment opportunities in top-tier management teams developing treatments that could significantly improve healthcare quality. However, they also do a considerable amount of due diligence before investing their funds.

Early Life and Education

David Mott was born in Downers Grove, Illinois on January 7, 1945 and became a renowned composer and saxophonist. He earned his degrees from Berklee College of Music and Yale University School of Music.

He studied visual arts at Hope College, crafting pieces for solo saxophone, baritone saxophone and woodwind ensembles.

At Berklee, he developed an interest in jazz and saxophone performance. Additionally, he explored non-western and dodecaphonic musics.

He remained involved in music, particularly saxophone performance, throughout his life. He was a member of the International Baritone Conspiracy and has performed with many renowned musicians and ensembles. A guest artist at New York City’s Lincoln Center and associate professor at Yale University School of Music, he continues to be an influential figure within music today.

Professional Career

David Mott has extensive experience and expertise in construction CPM scheduling. He holds a master’s degree in forensic schedule analysis, impact claims preparation, as well as time-critical plans for complex building projects.

At New Enterprise Associates (NEA), David Mott served as General Partner and led their health care investing practice for over a decade. NEA is one of the world’s largest venture capital firms and invests in companies across all stages of healthcare and technology development. During his tenure there, he was accountable for investing more than $1 billion of venture capital and has acquired expertise within this space through Mott Family Capital – now part of Mott Family Investments.

Achievements and Honors

David Mott has earned himself a host of accolades and awards for his numerous contributions to both the university and community. His accomplishments include leading the university’s business school as its dean, as well as creating its first fiber optic network that connected all campus buildings.

David mott was honored with the distinction of being named Faculty of Science Faculty of the year in 2018. Beyond his accolades, david mott is an ardent philanthropist and proud recipient of several academic and athletic scholarships. Additionally, he serves on the University’s board of trustees with distinction, providing expertise to its business schools and athletic programs across many capacities.

Personal Life

David Mott is a baritone saxophonist and composer, as well as teaching composition at York University. He has performed with numerous renowned jazz musicians across North America and Canada.

He is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a bachelor’s degree in economics and government. Additionally, he earned a certificate in dispute resolution.

He serves on the boards of several biotechnology companies and recently joined Novavax as an independent director. Prior to that, he served as global head of healthcare investing for New Enterprise Associates and served as President and Chief Executive Officer of MedImmune, which was acquired by AstraZeneca Plc in 2007.

Net Worth

David Mott has an estimated net worth of $77.1 million. He serves as Independent Chairman of the Board at Epizyme Inc and owns 567,000 shares of its stock.

He is an AV-rated attorney and specializes in estate planning, trusts and estate administration. Additionally, he offers legal counsel regarding charitable gift planning and business succession planning.

Mott enjoys playing solitaire, telling jokes and spending time with his family. Additionally, he loves reading the Bible and listening to sermons from the Word of God.

Mott was raised in Columbus, Ohio and moved to Athens to attend Ohio University. In 2005 he earned his bachelor’s degree in communication from the university – summa cum laude. Subsequently he enrolled at the Ohio State University Michael E. Moritz College of Law in 2012 and graduated with honors in May 2015.

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