David Naemura

David Naemura – A Man of Many Talents and an Excellent Employee

David Nakamura has served as Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Vontier Corporation since 2022.

David has extensive expertise as an operationally focused CFO in public company settings. His record of accomplishment includes driving growth and building high-performing teams, as well as being involved in numerous transformations throughout his career.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Naemura has been in the financial industry for over two decades. His list of accomplishments is impressive, yet he remains humble about it all. The most remarkable aspect of his career is that he remains unafraid to take on new challenges. Even though many in his industry have been around for centuries, he still finds time and energy to stay abreast of current developments in the industry. He’s known to take advantage of opportunities when they arise and his bank account will surely thank him. In conclusion, he is a man of many talents and an exceptional employee who takes pleasure in working in an enjoyable atmosphere where rewards await them on their journey.

Achievement and Honors

David Naemura is one of the most accomplished business executives in the display industry. As CFO for GATES ACQUISITIONS LIMITED, he oversees a portfolio with $1.9 billion in revenue and over $3 million in net income. With more than 30 years experience, Naemura is known for his strategic financial planning skillset – particularly when dealing with complex technology acquisitions. Most recently, he led an executive team in acquiring and integrating Xilinx Corporation’s microprocessor products and services.

Personal Life

David Naemura has an estimated net worth of $4 Million. He currently works as Senior Vice President and CFO & Treasurer at Vontier Corp.

Mr Naemura was previously the Group Chief Financial Officer at Danaher Corporation and Group Chief Financial Officer for Gates Global, Inc.

He served as Chief Financial Officer of Gates Industrial Corporation plc, where he played an instrumental role in separating and launching the company as an independent public company. Recently appointed as Neogen’s new CFO effective January 2, 2023, he will collaborate closely with Quinlan to guarantee a seamless transition of responsibilities during its five-month overlap period.

According to Form 4, he has made 1 insider trade involving VNT stock, his largest being the purchase of 8,500 units at $194,225 on March 7, 2022.

Net Worth

David Naemura’s success has been the result of hard work and ambition. He began at the bottom of the corporate ladder, but through wise decisions and dedication to excellence, he has since reached his current position.

David Naemura is an online personality who generates income through his YouTube channel and merchandise sales. Additionally, he holds corporate sponsorships from brands like EA, Bumble, and SeatGeek.

He is a Slovak American YouTuber and the founder of Vlog Squad. With more than 45 million followers across all his social platforms, his success is undeniable.

He is a renowned online star with an estimated net worth of $13 million in 2020. A large part of his wealth comes from his apparel line Clickbait, which sells hoodies, shorts and pants.

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