David Nalley

David Nalley – A System Administrator With Over a Decade of Experience

David Nalley is an experienced systems administrator with more than ten years of expertise. He frequently contributes to development, sysadmin and Linux magazines as well as speaking at numerous IT conferences.

Recently, He went to Capitol Hill to address questions regarding the Log4j vulnerability, which could impact millions of companies worldwide. According to him, there will be no solution unless all stakeholders in the software ecosystem invest in supply chain security measures.

Early Life and Education

David Nalley was born and raised in Hilltown, Pennsylvania and holds an associate’s degree from the University of Cincinnati as well as a bachelor’s degree in music education from Westminster Choir College. Additionally, he earned a doctorate in choral conducting from the University of Illinois.

He currently serves as President of The Apache Software Foundation, having held this position since November 2018. Previously, he served as Principal of Open Source Program Office from 2016 to 2020. Additionally, he holds memberships in both Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and Linux Foundation, along with being a keynote speaker at various events. Currently living in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky with his wife and three children, he enjoys an active social life.

Professional Career

David Nalley has been in the open source community for nearly two decades. Currently, he serves as President of The Apache Software Foundation and sits on the Board of Directors for the Internet Security Research Group. Additionally, David writes regularly for development and sysadmin magazines, in addition to speaking at numerous IT conferences around the world.

Nally began his career as a conductor at the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati before moving to Chicago and teaching at Lyric Opera. Ultimately, he returned home to Philadelphia, founding The Crossing, an innovative choral ensemble. Nally holds master’s degrees in music education from Westminster Choir College and doctorates in choral conducting from the University of Illinois; additionally he performs locally and works as a freelance singer-arranger and composer.

Achievement and Honors

David Nalley is an accomplished technologist with an eye for design and usability. He currently serves as President of The Apache Software Foundation, an open source initiative with the mission to improve software quality and accessibility. Previously, he held positions at The Linux Foundation and BlackBerry; his accomplishments have earned him many awards and recognitions.

Nalley is an avid golfer and car enthusiast. He belongs to the BMW Car Club of America and National Auto Sport Association, while his wife Chrissy serves as parents to Taylor, Casey and Ashley. Their favorite family activity is watching movies together with a glass of wine – something they get to do from their home in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

Personal Life

David Nalley was a loving husband, father and grandfather who cherished life. Survived by his loving wife Dawn Nalley; brothers Neil Nalley & Violet; Chance Nalley & Rae; Kalley Mihalko & Donnie; Serina Nalley; Kim Nalley; Andrew Morin and Tyler Hawkesworth along with their spouses; all preceded in death by his parents: Neil & Violet Nalley and his partner Rae; Chance Nalley

He was affectionately known in the MC community as “Shifter.” His passion was music, and he played in several bands. A member of Raiders MC and Outlaws MC, Shifter was also an ardent public safety officer. On Tuesday morning at his funeral service that drew more than 500 people including several law enforcement officers, Shifter was laid to rest.

Net Worth

David Nalley, President of The Apache Software Foundation since November 2018, has an estimated net worth of $24 Million. As of 2023-04-05, Nalley C V Iii owns 10% of AllianceBernstein Holding LP (ABG).

He has a longstanding career in the open source community. He served as Principal of Open Source Program Office at BlackBerry from 2016-2020 and Open Source Program Manager at The Linux Foundation from 2015-17, respectively. Furthermore, he was an active participant and member of The Internet Security Research Group, Apache Software Foundation and Association for Computing Machinery. Aside from his professional pursuits, he enjoys motoring deeply – participating and instructing in high performance driving events since childhood; having served as patrolman with Seminole Police Department previously.

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