David Narrow

David Narrow – CEO of Sonavex, a Medical Technology Company That Uses Ultrasound to Detect Blood Clots

David Narrow is the CEO of Sonavex, a medical technology company which has developed EchoSure – an ultrasound device which detects blood clots in high risk patients – after hearing about this issue from his plastic surgeon mentor at Johns Hopkins University.

He founded Sonavex in 2013 and is working towards commercializing EchoSure. Along the way, he has encountered several obstacles, such as raising enough funding and complying with federal regulatory processes.

Early Life and Education

David narrow was raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering with Highest Distinction from Rochester University as well as a Masters in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University.

David took advantage of his time at school to volunteer with AmeriCorps as a Family Advocate to assist survivors of domestic violence with counseling and legal representation. Later he joined the Initiative for Engaged Citizenship – a nonpartisan coalition of community-based organizations focused on civic empowerment – working as an Ambassador.

Narrow’s hobby project is running a medical technology firm called Sonavex that develops devices to detect post-surgical blood clots. Their company recently raised $3 Million and relocated to Canton.

Professional Career

David Narrow is the CEO of Sonavex, an engineering firm making waves in the medical community with its automated ultrasound solutions designed to enhance patient care by detecting potentially hazardous post-surgical blood clots.

Dave successfully blends science and technology with business acumen to form his winning formula for Sonavex’s success. He led them through a successful Series A round, successfully secured regulatory pre-submission approvals, 510(k) clearance, and successfully implemented an outstanding QMS (quality management system) system – making his competitors very envious!

Achievement and Honors

David Narrow has made himself a name in business as the founder of Sonavex, a medical technology firm which uses ultrasound scanning technology to detect post-surgical blood clots that may pose risks.

After studying abroad in Sydney, he acquired the tools he needed to form his own company and develop empathy towards other people – which are key components in running any successful enterprise.

He has received numerous honors and awards throughout his career, such as being selected one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Healthcare. Additionally, he served on the Cedar Hill Chamber board.

Personal Life

David Narrow was once a TV reporter, but decided to swap life on land for life on water in 2009. Purchasing a 56 foot long narrowboat and taking to open waters proved life changing for David.

He loves fishing and camping on his boat; when not doing that, he runs a company that manufactures adaptive bikes for stroke survivors and those with physical limitations.

David’s career as a biomedical engineer allows him to use his creativity and technical abilities in ways that benefit others. Now as CEO of two medical device companies, he is making an impactful difference by improving patients’ lives around the globe.

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