David Nassif

David Nassif

David Nassif has over 25 years of experience in life sciences industry, currently holding positions of CFO and General Counsel with Sio Pharmaceuticals Inc.

He has worked in executive financial management capacities at development-stage, commercial-stage and public/private companies of various stages and sectors. Additionally, his background encompasses mergers & acquisitions, licensing agreements, investor relations management and manufacturing.

Early Life and Education

David Nassif was born to Joseph and Angie Nassif in 1928 and passed away in 2003 in America.

Young Walter lived between Massachusetts and Michigan during his formative years. He had two sisters.

He married Adrienne Maloof in 2002 and they have three sons together.

He quickly rose to fame with his wife as a reality TV star, featuring in shows such as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and E!’s Botched.

He is well known as an active philanthropist and regularly donates to various charities, serving on the board of Lymphoma Research Foundation of America as well as serving on other non-profit boards.

Professional Career

David Nassif has an extensive professional gaming career. In 2004, he won Player of the Year, as well as winning two Pro Tours: Atlanta 2005 and Kyoto 2009.

Nassif first became famous as part of Team Nova alongside Gab Tsang and David Rood, winning Pro Tour Atlanta together in 2005 – widely considered one of the three greatest teams ever!

Once he graduated BHS, he pursued an education in civil engineering at Tri-State University (Trine University). A lifetime learner, he has graduated with degrees in advanced civil and chemical engineering – as well as earning his MBA at Harvard Business School – while serving as a Managing Partner of Hickory Lane Associates; a growth private equity firm focused on healthcare services and technology investments.

Achievement and Honors

David is an accomplished business executive with numerous accolades to his name. He played an integral part in Rio Farms’ successful entry into onion farming business – now one of the country’s leading producers. David founded both American Onion Association (an industry trade body) and Western Growers association; serving on both as founding board member and executive committee chair from 2006-10 respectively.

He was also a proud father and uncle to Eva, Iris, Nadeen, Tala and Diala; an avid Magic: The Gathering player; dapper dresser with two stunning silver foxes Jeanene Russell Perry and Margot Vetter Borger who gave him company; an enthusiastic Magic: The Gathering player himself as well. A proud alumnus of University of Virginia, he will always remain dearly missed but never forgotten by all who knew him.

Personal Life

Dr. David Nassif is a popular television doctor and personality, most known for appearing on Botched and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

He and Adrienne Maloof were married in 2002 and together have three sons – Gavin, Christian, and Collin. However, the couple divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

They have been engaged in an intense custody dispute – using guns, insults and physical violence.

After years of filming them arguing on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, details about their divorce have come to light that show a much darker picture than viewers may have suspected. Now it appears they were victims of abuse at the hands of their former husband.

Net Worth

He boasts an estimated net worth of $14 Million and owns a cosmetic and plastic surgery practice in Orange County, California. Additionally, he features on both E! shows Botched and Botched by Nature as a star guest star.

He and Adrienne Maloof from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had three sons during their 10-year marriage, which became notorious due to a high-profile divorce that made headlines around the world. Although their messy split made headlines at first, both parties eventually managed to settle their differences and co-parent their children together.

Diana Jenkins joins The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as its latest cast member with an estimated net worth of $300 Million due to the settlement from her divorce with Roger “Big Dog” Jenkins.

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