David Navarette

David Navarette

David Navarrete, a sophomore at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, balances his time between playing trumpet in their wind symphony band and schoolwork. He puts in extra hours to be good and stay sharp on his instrument.

He also contributes to trade and professional publications in neuroscience, healthcare design and environmental design.

Professional Career

Navarette balances schoolwork and playing trumpet in the MSD wind symphony band. He gets up early to attend classes like AP Spanish and Algebra 2 Honors, then devotes time to perfecting his instrument until rehearsals end at 8:15 p.m. The extra effort shows through Navarette’s performances at MSD sporting events and state-wide competitions; each year making him better and better equipped with friends inside and outside of band as well as family support throughout it all.

Achievement and Honors

As a dual-enrolled student at MSD, sophomore David Navarette has an intense schedule that includes schoolwork and rehearsals in his wind symphony band. Although these activities take up most of his free time, Navarette finds satisfaction in performing at MSD sporting events and state competitions.

He credits extra practice as the reason he’s become a better musician, along with his music teacher Michael Lacroix as an invaluable mentor. “Michael shows us that if we put in the work, anything is achievable,” he said. Additionally, he’s thankful for his twin brother Pablo who plays trumpet in the band with him; they often practice together after school to stay sharp on their instruments.

Personal Life

David Navarette is a retired ice hockey player and military officer, as well as an art director and graphic designer.

He is married to Jill Wagner, an actress. Together they have a daughter named Army Gray.

Before they got engaged, the couple had been dating for some time; however, they kept their relationship private and prefer not to create any headlines in the media.

He has had an illustrious hockey career, having played for the Florida Panthers and Spokane Chiefs. As a star goaltender for four seasons, he earned his Master’s degree in Global Security from University of Texas-Pan American through their Reserve Officers Training Corps program. After leaving professional hockey behind him, he decided to further his education by joining the military.

Net Worth

Darren Navarette is an acclaimed American skateboarder with an estimated net worth of $1-5 Million. He earned this wealth through his professional skateboarding career and has featured in several popular movies like Skate 2 & Skate 3.

Navarette, a student at Columbia High School, works from dusk until dawn with an organized schedule that includes schoolwork, band practice and social events. His family and friends support him greatly and help him make the most of every moment. Furthermore, Navarette enjoys playing in his band which he says has given him a sense of belonging. With strong work ethics and dedication to music career aside, he remains in great health overall.

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