David Pepe

David Pepe

David Pepe is an experienced sports law attorney and former professional baseball player. As a shareholder of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, David specializes in this area of practice.

Dave is passionate about all kinds of artistic endeavors, whether they involve murals, canvases, digital logo designs or sculptural pieces. Additionally, he enjoys tattooing.

Early Life and Education

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Thus, this period is of critical importance for education. UNESCO has set targets to guarantee that all children have access to high quality early childhood care and instruction from birth on.

Professional Career

Dave Pepe is the son of a New York Yankees beat reporter and columnist who had an exclusive front-row seat to spring training. Additionally, his dad coached American Legion baseball – something dave has always loved watching his kids play over the years.

He received his law degree from Seton Hall University and went on to found the Seton Hall Sports Law Journal. Following this experience as an associate at Ribis, Graham and Curtin in Morristown, he decided to focus his practice in sports law.

He formed a baseball agency with childhood friend Billy Martin Jr. and now represents 30 major leaguers. His understanding of collective bargaining agreements for major leaguers and workman’s compensation law as it applies to minor league hopefuls has been instrumental in his success.

Achievements and Honors

David Pepe has achieved success in a variety of fields. He represents numerous professional athletes as the managing agent of Pro Agents Inc. Additionally, David has extensive expertise in negotiating sports contracts.

His client list features several prominent athletes, including several baseball players. His expertise in athlete representation combines with his plaintiff personal injury practice to make his firm one of a kind within its industry.

Dave Pepe was born in Staten Island, New York and developed an interest in sports through his father’s work as a former beat writer for the New York Yankees. During college at Seton Hall Law School, Dave helped launch the Seton Hall Sports Law Journal and interned in their legal department.

Personal Life

Dave Pepe is an acclaimed actor whose career spanning five decades has seen him featured in over 100 feature films and 300 television shows. With such a storied background in entertainment, pepe’s success speaks for itself.

He is best known for his gritty support performances in films such as Scarface (1983), Silverado (1985) and Shoot Out (1971). Additionally, he has portrayed characters on both sides of the law–drug dealers and sheriffs included–onscreen.

He is currently a partner at Wilentz, Goldmand and Spitzer in Woodbridge, New Jersey and also heads up the process unit of the Office of Inspector General. Additionally, he holds a part-time lectureship at Rutgers University.

Net Worth

Dave Pepe is a celebrated Mexican singer-songwriter. He stands out for his unique melodic voice and commitment to his craft.

He has amassed his fortune through endorsements and contracts with multiple brands, as well as through his impressive football performances. Furthermore, he has invested in various real-estate properties.

His net worth currently stands at $15 million, mostly sourced from Real Madrid and the brands he endorses.

He has received numerous honors throughout his career and is considered an iconic and legendary member of the Portuguese national team. With 124 caps to his name, he has represented Portugal in three FIFA World Cups and four European Championships.

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