David Pickler

David Pickler

David Pickler has long been an advocate of public education on both a local and national scale, helping millions of children through his philanthropy and foundation development work.

He is the founder of multiple businesses and non-profit foundations dedicated to inspiring K-12 youth nationwide. Through these endeavors, he has established himself as an influential entrepreneur and community leader in Collierville, Tennessee.

Early Life and Education

David Garrett Pickler and Tina May Cole Pickler gave birth to David Pickler on March 15, 1978, in New London in Stanly County.

As a youngster, he devoured books about founding fathers – particularly biographies of them – which ignited his interest for public education and contributed to his passion.

In 2013, he was elected President of the National School Boards Association, leading over 90,000 school board members across America. During his term he spearheaded efforts to prevent privatization of public schools by founding “Army of Advocates”, an initiative which garnered over five million supporters within one year.

This collection primarily comprises letters written by David Pickler to his parents from November 1941 until August 1943 while serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II. These highly detailed and illuminating letters provide insight into philosophy, religious convictions, love life, personal integrity and combat tactics he witnessed first-hand during this era of history.

Professional Career

David Pickler is a prominent businessman, lawyer and entrepreneur renowned for his dedication to community service, civic leadership and charitable investment. As the founder of three companies including The Pickler Law Firm, Pickler Wealth Advisors and American Public Education Foundation – his life exemplifies these ideals.

He holds certifications as both a financial planner and chartered financial consultant, possessing 17 years of industry experience. Currently serving clients from his office in Collierville, Tennessee.

He has dedicated much of his career to furthering public education both locally in Tennessee and nationally through involvement with the National School Boards Association. For this work, he received various accolades, such as “Tennessee School Board Member of the Year” award from National School Boards Association and Academy of Education Arts and Sciences Educators Voice Award from Academy of Education Arts and Sciences.

Achievement and Honors

David Pickler has built his life around three principles: community service, civic leadership and philanthropic investments. For his efforts he has received recognition both locally and nationally.

One of the most gratifying awards he received was The Academy of Education Arts and Sciences’ 2012 Educators Voice award, for his vital role in improving public education both locally and across the United States. This prized distinction acknowledged his contribution towards public school improvement efforts across Tennessee.

David has long held that public education systems that offer excellent instruction are the key to helping children. Over the last decade, he has actively advocated for measures designed to achieve this end; one such effort is his involvement with American Public Education Foundation, a public-private partnership designed to enhance student achievement.

Personal Life

David Pickler has built his life on principles of community service, civic leadership and philanthropy. His entire professional life is dedicated to helping children across Tennessee and worldwide.

As part of his philanthropy efforts, he has received many awards, such as being twice honored as Tennessee School Board Member of the Year and earning the Bammy Award from National School Boards Association.

Reade Pickler was commissioned into the United States Navy during World War II as an officer, stationed both in the Philippines and Australia. From July 1941 through August 1943 he wrote his parents in New London, North Carolina from his base location of writing letters home.

Net Worth

David Pickler is a prominent philanthropist in the education community. He serves on various boards of directors for organizations and is president of the National School Boards Association.

Pickler also initiated the “Stand Up 4 Public Schools” red wristband program to advocate for public schools, which has amassed over five million members within just a year of launch.

He is an advocate of public education, asserting that educating children is vital to national security. Additionally, he founded the NSBA’s Army of Advocates which has attracted over 90,000 school board members in just a few short years.

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