David Quilliams

David Quilliams

David Quilliams is an experienced criminal defense attorney dedicated to securing favorable outcomes for his clients in cases of felonies, misdemeanors and traffic offenses.

He specializes in family law matters such as divorce, child custody and adoption as well as grandparents’ visitation rights. He is a member of both the State Bar of Georgia and Western Circuit Bar Association.

Early Life and Education

David Quilliams was raised in Peachtree Corners, Georgia and worked as a prosecutor on numerous cases, such as juvenile court, traffic offenses, drug charges, domestic violence, theft, obstruction and DUI cases as well as vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle accidents, arson and other major felonies.

He represented clients in family/domestic law issues including divorce, child custody, adoption and grandparents’ visitation rights. Furthermore, he represented general civil litigation cases such as dispossessory actions, protective orders, minority shareholder actions and other areas of business law.

He has over 15 years of experience as a litigator. He has represented clients at trials and hearings throughout Atlanta-Athens area courts. Additionally, his deep understanding of law allows him to manage even complex criminal matters effectively.

Professional Career

David has extensive legal experience, representing individuals charged with various felonies, misdemeanors, family/domestic law matters and domestic disputes. Additionally, his focus lies on providing his clients with informational context as well as guidance.

Quilliam was an invaluable instrument of British statehood for 13 years, serving as a focal point for UK government’s obsession with nonviolent extremism as an indicator of vulnerability to terrorism. Unfortunately, however, his theories were unsupported and led to discriminatory counter-terrorism measures as well as targeting individuals who hadn’t committed any crimes yet but could pose future risks of doing so.

Quilliam was funded during its brief heyday by several conservative and reactionary US organisations and figures with close ties to pro-Trump political networks, such as John Templeton Foundation who donated one million dollars from 2014 – 2017.

Achievement and Honors

david quilliams is an accomplished legal expert with multiple awards to his name. Representing some of Georgia’s premier employers and clients, David has developed an impressive niche representing them. Taking his role seriously as an attorney, David takes no case lightly – from complex litigation matters to finding creative cost effective strategies to address unique client challenges. David takes great pride in being both devout Catholic and family oriented – often golfing or finding ways to entertain his children during free time while traveling somewhere new – plus avidly following sports fans!

Personal Life

The Quilliams family were among many Welsh migrants to North America during the late 1800s and 1900s, settling primarily in Virginia and Maine where they contributed significantly to both countries’ growth.

At that time, America experienced tremendous economic and cultural progress. Additionally, many hardworking families formed, each dedicated to making the best use of themselves and their surroundings while trying to provide for their children’s futures.

The UK government’s anti-terrorism apparatus became aggressive and pervasive, often employing public sector workers to spot vague signs of radicalisation. This regime created considerable animus against Muslims and other marginalised communities and was enthusiastically supported by its foundation.

Net Worth

David Quilliams, an attorney estimated net worth is between $35-49K. He lives at 1223 Quilliams Rd in Cleveland, OH 44121 and belongs to the Cleveland Bar Association as a criminal defense practitioner, working in numerous fields including criminal law (he served as prosecutor before transitioning into private practice), traffic offenses (driving under influence and theft), domestic violence as well as general civil litigation matters such as family law disputes.

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