David Reitz

David Reitz, Managing Director at RP Capital Partners

David Reitz has been in the business world for over four decades. His expertise spans corporate management, marketing and accounting.

He currently works for RP Capital as a Senior Manager and is accountable for company investments. Furthermore, he provides portfolio company management teams with assistance on their growth strategies.

Early Life and Education

David Reitz was born in 1926 and spent much of his early years traveling the globe.

He traveled extensively during his childhood, visiting places such as England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Italy. Most importantly, he was raised with a loving family.

After graduating high school, he chose to attend Texas A&M University and also joined the Corps of Cadets.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and married Debbie Soutar in 1973.

David has had a distinguished career as an educator within military communities. He was named Teacher of the Year for both Virginia Beach and Portsmouth school divisions, as well as being named Assistant Principal of the Year at those institutions.

Professional Career

David Reitz has an illustrious professional career, having played seven seasons for the Indianapolis Colts and one with the Baltimore Ravens.

He has extensive experience as a school principal, most recently at Bethel Manor Elementary School near Langley Air Force Base in Virginia where he will serve as principal for the next three years.

David currently serves as EIC Engineering Manager for The Clorox Company, responsible for engineering initiatives and streamlining manufacturing processes. Furthermore, he leads product design and development to ensure future success. David has spearheaded development of our next-generation green cleaning system which is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 50% over its lifetime.

Achievements and Honors

David Reitz is an energy enthusiast and true nerd, making him a name to keep an eye on. At HR Green he manages the land development division as an experienced pro. Over the years he has led some high-profile projects while having his sights set on CEO for several years. A dedicated husband and father to be, David will be greatly missed. An avid triathlete and active member in Perkiomen Valley community where he was raised, David loves having flexibility with his day job since it allows him to do it all on his own schedule!

Personal Life

David Reitz is a proud husband and father to an adorable baby girl. He wed Lacey Chabert in December 2013 and they welcomed their daughter Julia Mimi Bell into the world shortly thereafter.

David is a private individual, keeping his private life away from public view. He prefers to maintain a low profile and does not allow journalists to interview him.

David cherishes spending quality time with his daughter. From traveling to new places to taking her skiing, it’s clear that he adores her more than anything else.

Net Worth

David Reitz is a Managing Director at RP Capital Partners (New York City). Prior to this role, he spent 10 years at Procter & Gamble where his experience included multiple senior corporate finance and marketing roles that had an immense impact on P&G’s largest brands and customer relationships. As a strategic advisor for RP Capital, Reitz works closely with portfolio company entrepreneurs and management teams on growth plans that maximize business value; additionally, he identifies and evaluates new investment opportunities within the Northeastern region for RP Capital.

Reitz was born on 24 August 1985 and currently has a net worth of $6.64 Million dollars. In the past 12 years, he has made 6 trades of Titan International stock; owning 227,413 shares of common Titan International stock at that time.

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