David Risk

David Risk

Dave Risk has represented thousands of clients charged with criminal offenses since 1999. He has successfully litigated cases ranging from traffic tickets to first-degree murder charges.

He is certified in two types of breath test machines used by law enforcement to measure drivers’ blood alcohol content, and has conducted continuing legal education seminars on DWI defense as well as numerous criminal law-related subjects.

Early Life and Education

David Risk had an early interest in nature. As a boy he sought to understand human development and growth as well as diseases biology.

As an adult, he found a path between clinical practice and scientific inquiry that deeply resonated with him. He believed the best way to study patients was being present alongside them as they shared details about their lives and pasts with him.

This early work paved the way for groundbreaking studies that provided definitive proof that early life adversity leaves an impactful legacy in terms of chronic diseases later in life, across biological, medical, and social disciplines. These groundbreaking findings challenged many conventional assumptions.

Professional Career

David has dedicated his career to managing and mitigating risk across a range of business environments. His expertise includes risk modeling, market and credit risk mitigation, fraud prevention strategies, strategy development processes, operations support systems management and security.

He has gained experience working across a range of industries, such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and construction. As Director of Risk Management at EBRD he must remain vigilant to evolving risks while upholding strategic priorities of the Bank.

He is a member of the American Risk and Insurance Association, the Southern Risk and Insurance Association and the Western Risk and Insurance Association. His research has been featured in academic journals as well as presented at regional and national academic conferences. Furthermore, he has served on committees of these organizations.

Achievement and Honors

David has made an outstanding contribution to Stony Brook University both academically and through leadership of several significant initiatives, such as leading a Presidential Diversity Mini Grant application, developing a graduate diversity in higher education course, co-chairing first year student accreditation team with Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and his favorite honor – being given responsibility for protecting our entire campus as part of University Police Department.

RIMS recently bestowed some of its highest honors upon several of the industry’s premier risk managers, such as risk manager of the year and top award recipients. These awards recognize those implementing exceptional programs around the globe and aim to highlight them.

Personal Life

David Risk is an author, statistician, teacher, consultant and public speaker specializing in risk communication and overall risk management. His career has focused on applying his greater understanding of public interest areas to risk communication and management challenges.

He is an award-winning television reporter, as well as an entrepreneur with a successful podcast business.

As Partner and Financial Services Risk Management Leader for EY Hong Kong Practice, he leads a team of over 200 professionals helping global clients address complex risk management challenges. His particular expertise lies within financial services regulation change. In this capacity, he often speaks at industry conferences while writing regularly for publications such as The Times, New Scientist and Guardian.

Net Worth

David Risk boasts an incredible net worth of more than $10 Million and is renowned criminal defense lawyer who has represented thousands of clients throughout his career.

He specializes in representing clients accused of various types of crimes, such as white collar, fraud and theft crimes as well as DUI cases.

Bloomberg News estimates that David Risk’s estimated net worth exceeds $10 Million.

Two Sigma Investments is managed with quantitative analysis investment strategy and manages approximately $60 billion in assets under management. He owns approximately half the firm based on analysis of its Form ADV.

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