David Roddenberry

David Roddenberry

David Roddenberry was an esteemed producer and futurist best known for creating Star Trek. Although it never extended past its initial three seasons, Star Trek remains one of the most beloved television science-fiction series ever aired.

Born in El Paso, Texas but raised in Los Angeles where his father worked as a police officer. At Franklin High School he participated in debate and enjoyed reading pulp fiction adventure stories.

Early Life and Education

Before becoming famous as the creator of Star Trek, David Roddenberry participated in World War II; became a Pan Am pilot; and worked as a Los Angeles police officer.

As a military fighter pilot, he used his experience when penning scripts for Star Trek; it has had a profound effect on American public perceptions of science fiction. Furthermore, his skepticism toward religion and self-proclaimed gods was an integral component of its content, reflecting both his upbringing as well as being one of its hallmark themes.

He was married twice and fathered three children from both marriages – two with his first wife Eileen Rexroat, as well as an affair with Majel Barrett whom he would eventually divorce after five years together.

Professional Career

Roddenberry’s professional life was relatively unremarkable. He worked at Compact Cable in New York and didn’t wish to become too involved with his job.

But he persisted, hoping to break into television writing. His scripts for Have Gun – Will Travel (winning him a Writers Guild Award) and Highway Patrol were successful but weren’t enough for him to become a full-fledged television writer.

As he considered creating a space-themed television series, but did not know how to get it on air, his mind wandered to Star Trek as an original and bold idea that couldn’t be ignored but also needed support from major networks.

Achievement and Honors

Star Trek was one of the most successful sci-fi series ever created, inspiring numerous spin-off shows and having a major impact on future generations of sci-fi enthusiasts.

Roddenberry was an accomplished screenwriter and TV producer who also published novels.

Born in El Paso, Texas and raised in Los Angeles, he attended Los Angeles City College before enlisting in the military.

In 1941, he joined the United States Army Air Force as a bomber pilot and flew 89 combat missions during World War II, earning both the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal for his valorous act.

He later went on to pilot for Pan Am Airlines as a civilian pilot and during one flight was rescued after his plane had crashed in Hawaii’s tropical storm environment, receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor as a result of this brave act of service.

Personal Life

Born Eugene Wesley Roddenberry on 19 August 1921 in El Paso, Texas in the United States he is an acclaimed screenwriter and producer best known for creating one of television science-fiction’s most revered shows: Star Trek.

He wrote and produced the 1971 mystery film Pretty Maids All in a Row as well as numerous scripts for television. He died in 1991.

Roddenberry served in World War II as a Second Lieutenant with the United States Army Air Corps and flew 89 combat missions before going on to be employed as a commercial pilot afterward.

In 1942, he married Eileen Rexroat – his high school sweetheart – and they had two daughters before divorcing in 1969.

Net Worth

David Roddenberry is renowned as a television writer and producer, known for creating Star Trek films as well as other TV series.

He amassed immense wealth through his writing career and is considered one of the richest people worldwide.

His estimated net worth is at least $500 Million, thanks to a large estate and other assets he possesses.

In 1942, he married Eileen Anita Rexroat and had two daughters together; however, their divorce occurred later that same year.

He had a romantic relationship with actress Nichelle Nichols and they gave birth to one son: Eugene Wesley Roddenberry Jr.

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