David Ronald

David Ronald

David Ronaldd is an American celebrity, businessman, executive producer and entrepreneur born in 1977 in Pennsylvania. He professes Christianity and holds a pure white ethnicity.

He is renowned for his political talk show “The Rubin Report”. His wife Janet serves as executive producer on the same show.

Early Life and Education

Ronald was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania into a Black Pentecostal household.

He began to question the teachings of his faith and sought God for answers through prayer. Through this journey, God revealed to him the true history of Black people in America.

Reagan spent his teenage years moving frequently around Illinois. The family lived in Tampico, Chicago, Galesburg, Monmouth and Dixon before settling in Tampico.

In Dixon, he formed a close connection to his community and made friends. He enjoyed exploring the woods, swimming in the Rock River, and even trapping muskrats for fun. Most importantly, his parents always encouraged him to make the most of every childhood moment.

Professional Career

David Ronald is a successful businessman who has inspired thousands to lead more rewarding lives and businesses. He’s an inspiring speaker, podcaster, writer, musician, mentor and coach.

His passion lies in aiding people resolve issues in both personal and professional lives. He draws upon both transactional (writing contracts, drafting wills, organizing businesses) and litigation (lawsuits, mediations, demands) sides of the law to provide practical solutions for people’s difficulties.

He has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and innovation, having never encountered a challenge too great for him to tackle. After starting his career in travel, he cofounded Morris Air with June Morris – an upstart airline which was eventually sold to Southwestern Airlines for $129 million.

Achievements and Honors

David Ronald has seen great success in his career and been recognized with numerous honors. As an actor, David Ronald has starred in a variety of movies.

He is believed to have a net worth of approximately $2 million. Additionally, he co-founded Redesign Science and is an accomplished drug developer.

The former actor is married to Ilana Chabert, an acclaimed actress who has starred in several shows. Together they have a stunning daughter named Julia Mimi Bella.

They have been married for 3 years now. They have a beautiful daughter together and enjoy spending time as a family. Additionally, they are deeply religious people who follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Personal Life

David Ronald Hefner is an American entrepreneur born in Palo Alto, California. Alumnus of Pepperdine University with a bachelor’s degree in organizational communication, he currently resides in Beverly Hills.

He is a renowned content creator and has received multiple awards, such as the Streamy Award for Breakout Creator and Teen Choice Award. Additionally, he founded Vlog Squad with his friends.

He is a loving father and enjoys spending time with his family. Together with his wife Rachel Hollis, they have four children.

His personal life has not been revealed much, such as his relationships or affairs. However, he is very close with his siblings and has shared photos of them on social media.

Net Worth

David Ronald was born in Kosice, Slovakia but moved with his parents to the USA when he was six. Fortunately for him, DACA–the program that allows immigrant children to become legal Americans–protects him.

He has an older sister, Ester, who is also an American citizen by birthright and hosts her own YouTube channel SimplyEster.

Sara is a daughter born after their relocation to America who joined their older siblings on social media platforms. However, she tends to be less active than her siblings are on these platforms.

David has enjoyed a remarkable real estate career with his business partner James Harris. Their company, Bond Street Partners, has sold over $100 million worth of property. Furthermore, they were recently featured on Bravo TV’s hit reality show Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles.

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