David Sinker

David Sinker

David Sinker is an entrepreneur, journalist, artist and designer who has spent 25 years creating products that break new ground, connect with communities and give voice to new voices. Companies like Google and Facebook seek his advice, while newsrooms like The New York Times and BBC rely on him for commentary and analysis.

As founder of Punk Planet magazine, Dan is widely renowned for capturing the authentic voice of independent music while breaking new boundaries in publishing and exploring exciting new directions. His perspective and leadership is invaluable during an age when technology disrupts every aspect of our lives and journalism is under attack.

Early Life and Education

David Sinker ’85 found great motivation from witnessing the camaraderie and competitive spirit among his classmates as an undergraduate student. He recalls feeling confident in their abilities to succeed; later applying this attitude at US Foods where he helped establish their culture of excellence.

Today, he combines his love for journalism and media with innovation to craft products that break new ground, resonate with communities, and amplify voices. As an entrepreneur, author, and cultural critic – helping companies, newsrooms, and governments develop products which break from tradition while finding ways to engage their audiences – as well as teaching entrepreneurial journalism and independent media at University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Professional Career

David Sinker has built a career at the crossroads between culture, technology, and art. He is sought out by some of the world’s most respected companies, newsrooms, and thinkers to help break new ground by developing voices and products that resonate with their audiences and communities.

David brings with him extensive experience in marine sports and island lifestyle, which have equipped him with essential preparation and strategy skills. These capabilities translate to real estate sales on South Padre Island area real estate markets – helping both buyers and sellers meet their goals and concerns with confidence. David is deeply engaged in his community, reflecting its true spirit through his work, helping people recognize respect as an invaluable commodity in an environment where everyone depends on each other for survival.

Personal Life

Dan Sinker is an entrepreneur, journalist, artist, designer and cultural critic who has spent his career at the forefront of new media and technology. His products resonate with communities while amplifying voices. Newsrooms seek out his advice while Google and Facebook seek his knowledge for digital content production projects. Google and Facebook both enlist his services; while Guardian, Washington Post and National Public Radio seek him as well.

Sinker founded Punk Planet, an iconic zine published from 1994-2007. As editor, he wrote about punk rock culture and progressive underground scene as well as leftist politics – interviewing Noam Chomsky and Ruckus Society activists for radical protesters. Today, Sinker serves as a professor at Columbia University where he offers classes on entrepreneurial journalism and independent media.

Net Worth

David Sinker is a renowned American interior designer, television personality, author, and entrepreneur who boasts an estimated net worth of $2 Million. Best known as hosting HGTV’s My Lottery Dream Home show as well as other HGTV programs, Sinker has over three decades of experience working as an interior designer with an impressive portfolio. David earned his wealth through interior designing jobs as well as operating an e-commerce business and being an accomplished entrepreneur.

He boasts an expansive family and takes great pleasure in being part of his religious community. Additionally, he has written several books as an avid Bible writer; furthermore his net worth has increased through his career in religious leadership; currently living in Japan as an expert on Japanese culture.

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