David Slavsky

David Slavsky – Loyola’s Outstanding Professor of Physics

Achievement and Honors

David Slavsky has been an exceptional professor and researcher at Loyola for more than two decades, holding various academic leadership roles such as chairing the Department of Physics and directing core curriculum. Recently, he was appointed Assistant Provost/Director of Institutional Effectiveness – also being named Outstanding Professor by Loyola’s honor students as Outstanding Professor of the Year! It is truly a privilege having such an accomplished and highly-qualified leader on our Academic Affairs team!

Net Worth

David Slovsky is an acclaimed comedian who has amassed considerable wealth through his successful stand-up and television acting careers.

He has also appeared in multiple movies. His videos have amassed millions of views online.

As of March 2022, his net worth is estimated to be between $25-26 Million. YouTube success led him to become a Internet celebrity.

He hails from Slovakia and immigrated to the US at six. Under DACA dreamer protection he is safeguarded from deportation.

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