David Smilo

David Smilo – A Well-Known Individual With a Net Worth of $700 Million

David Smilo is an individual with a net worth estimated at over $700 Million. He was previously known as an award-winning high school football coach and administrator, widely respected for his tough love approach to coaching as well as his commitment to helping students.

He held positions as dean of boys at both Libbey High School and Bowsher High School in Toledo, Ohio for an extended period.

Early Life and Education

David Smilo was born in Maumee, Ohio. Although his childhood wasn’t ideal, he persisted to become a successful attorney and eventually attended Catholic school before eventually receiving his law degree from University of Michigan.

As part of his career, he also held positions as a high school coach and dean of boys at Bryan, Libbey and Bowsher high schools, as well as Byrnedale Junior High. Though sometimes strict in his disciplinarian approach to student life, he also helped them find ways to succeed outside of class; dedicating much time and energy towards helping young men develop moral character according to his son.

Monday marked his death from brain cancer at his Maumee home. He leaves behind his wife Angela Smilo; two sons David and Christopher; one daughter Debra; and seven grandchildren.

Achievement and Honors

David Smilo of Canton and Wayne State University graduate is no stranger to awards and honors, earning the Congressional Badge of Bravery for using his lifesaving abilities during an intense rescue mission in Eagle Pass, Texas. Alongside two law enforcement officials he received this recognition for successfully maneuvering an airboat around live electrical wires on telephone poles before swimming through floodwaters to rescue an elderly couple from their house during floodwater surge.

James Barfield and Rolando Cantu also received awards during a ceremony held Saturday at Del Rio Sector Headquarters of U.S. Border Patrol in Texas.

Personal Life

David Smilo loves spending his free time with his family and pampering his wife. An avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan, gardening, and cooking are also favorites of Smilo. Living in Dayton, Ohio with them since 1972 he started coaching football teams at Dayton Fairview High School (played) and Manchester College before moving onto Libbey High School where his teams became competitive for years, earning Mr. Smilo many honors including Toledo Public Schools Male Administrator of the Year honors in 1980.

He served as a volunteer firefighter during a recent flood in Toledo and helped rescue an elderly couple whose home had been submerged by water. Additionally, he will continue coaching and volunteering within his community.

Net Worth

David Smilo is one of the world’s most iconic personalities, having achieved this success through hard work and determination.

He started off his career at an extremely humble level but, through hard work and wise decision-making, has managed to ascend through the ranks to inspire millions around the globe with his works.

He amassed an impressive net worth through successful business ventures and investments. Additionally, he secured corporate sponsorship deals with EA, Bumble and SeatGeek that helped him amass $16 Million by 2020.

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