David Smithers

David Smithers Net Worth: $2 Million As of 2023-04-19

David Smithers is a professional actor who has appeared in both Broadway and off-Broadway plays, film and television drama productions, and even voiceover work.

His character in The Emperor Jones, Brutus Jones, is an American non-native black man living on an island in the West Indies for two years – eventually becoming its “emperor”.

Early Life and Education

David Smithers was raised in Woodland Hills, a San Fernando Valley suburb in California. He graduated from Taft High School before going on to obtain a degree at University of Southern California.

As soon as he graduated college, he started his professional career at the Royal Cancer Hospital as a radiologist. Quickly realizing its potential as an effective treatment against cancer, he made up his mind to specialize in this area.

As one of the pioneers of cancer radiotherapy and an esteemed figure in British medicine and public health, Dr. Barnett was revered. A notable author and frequent broadcaster, he published a paper that presented an alternative perspective on somatic mutation theory of cancer; an impressive piece that continues to be referenced today.

Professional Career

Dave Smithers had an accomplished 36 year career working for Bandstra Transportation and earned the BC Driver of the Year award in 2014.

As well as his driving duties, he served as an informal driver trainer at Bandstra, imparting his knowledge to drivers who haul loads in remote parts of Canada. Furthermore, he played an essential role in Bandstra Transportation Safety Committee as someone always concerned for the health and well-being of his co-workers.

He had an abiding passion for trucking and was actively engaged in his local community, serving on multiple Boards of Directors for British Columbia Association of Professional Drivers as well as being a regular speaker at BCTA’s annual management conference.

Achievement and Honors

David Smithers was an outstanding physician who made major contributions to radiotherapy and cancer research. A widely recognized public figure, he served as both council member of the Royal College of Physicians and president of the Faculty of Radiologists.

His most noteworthy contribution was a landmark paper which profoundly altered our conceptions of cancer. His work criticized traditional cell-centric reductionist approaches and proposed more holistic perspectives; many of his ideas have since been adopted by cancer researchers.

Personal Life

Smither had numerous interests. Travel and entertaining overseas guests were among them; building cars from scratch was another passion of his; as was radio broadcasting and rose gardening – hobbies he found immense fulfillment in.

Smithers was an expert radiotherapist, specialising in using artificial radioactive isotopes for treatment purposes. His pioneering work helped revolutionise British healthcare by revolutionising cancer care with radiation.

He was the author of several books on topics as varied as Jane Austen, medical anthropology and doctors as authors. Together with his wife Lorrie Hull Smithers he currently resides in Santa Barbara, California.

Smither released Hundred Dollar Valentine, an album comprised entirely of his own compositions produced by longtime collaborator David Goodrich, in 2012. Subsequently, Time Stands Still was recorded using only two musicians as backing musicians.

Net Worth

David Smithers is an American singer-songwriter with a net worth of approximately $2 Million dollars as of April 19th 2023.

He amassed his fortune through acting in multiple roles throughout his career, most notably Jeremy Wendell in the hit television series Dallas.

After graduating from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and Catholic University of Washington D.C. he pursued his interest in music and acoustic guitar by moving to Boston during the mid 1960s where he met folk musician Eric von Schmidt as well as taking advantage of its flourishing acoustic scene.

Since then, Smither has released several albums and performed internationally. Additionally, he has published multiple books on acoustic music as well as touring as a guest artist alongside Bonnie Raitt and Nanci Griffith.

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