David Syre

David Syre is a Self-Taught American Outsider Artist

Syre is a self-taught American outsider artist whose large-scale acrylic paintings, drawings, watercolors and monumental art installations draw inspiration from his subconscious, nature, travels and spirituality.

All his life, creating art was both his salvation and desire to fulfill. In search of inspiration, Syre traveled the globe studying various religious forms, spiritual practices, Indigenous peoples and civilizations.

Early Life and Education

Art has always been a powerful catalyst for cultural progress, and David Syre, an Everson-based artist, believes this to be no exception.

He is a self-taught abstract painter and sculptor who creates work intuitively without premeditated concepts. His inspirations come from various meditative practices such as yoga and participation in the Burning Man community.

Syre’s artwork captures his past and present experiences through bold strokes of paint, intimate drawings, vibrant watercolors that dissolve in water. He strives to create a visual renewal that incorporates his various perspectives on nature, life, and art.

Syre’s most recent collection, Envisioning a Better Future, showcases 60 paintings, drawings and sculptures created during quarantine. He credits this time of transition as his source for deep inspiration.

Professional Career

Syre is an American contemporary artist who creates large-scale acrylic paintings, drawings and sculptures. His inspirations come from within himself, nature’s beauty and travels.

His meditative influences have resulted in a sophisticated, ever-evolving body of work. His artwork has been showcased around the world, from America to Canada and Europe.

He has achieved international fame through his public art installations and projects, such as the Peace Trail Project.

Despite his failing health, he has maintained his focus on art which he exhibits at Gallery Syre in Bellingham.

He is also chairman and CEO of Trillium Corp., a global investment company with operations across nine states and South America. Its forestry and real estate activities have generated billions of dollars worth of value.

Achievements and Honors

David Syre’s career as a real estate developer in Bellingham and Blaine has earned him accolades from across the state and beyond. Now, he is funding a new newspaper and digital news site for Whatcom County – an accomplishment which could serve as inspiration to other communities looking to establish local journalism bases.

Syre is an experienced artist and meditator, drawing inspiration from spiritual practices, indigenous cultures, and nature. He uses these influences to craft vibrant abstract paintings with powerful messages for a better future.

Syre has recently returned from her global journey and is now exhibiting new artwork in Santa Fe, Argentina. These paintings, drawings and large-scale sculptures are part of a continuing series of exhibitions she’s had across Europe, South America and North America over the last few years.

Personal Life

Syre is a self-taught multidisciplinary visual artist who creates large acrylic paintings, drawings, watercolors and monumental art installations. He draws inspiration from his subconscious, nature and travels.

He has been featured in various galleries and public spaces around the US, Canada, Europe and South America. He believes that art can be a source of healing, an outlet to express one’s emotions and experiences from life.

Syre is a self-taught artist who uses bold lines and vibrant colors to capture the spontaneity of an expressive moment. Additionally, he incorporates archetypal symbols, numbers and words into his pieces for added dimension.

Net Worth

David Syre is a successful businessman and real estate developer who has contributed significantly to Whatcom County’s development. His efforts can be seen in projects like Bellis Fair mall, Cordata and Semiahmoo Resort.

He also donated property to Whatcom Community College. Through his entrepreneurship, the man has become one of the wealthiest individuals in Whatcom County.

Syre has dedicated his artistic career to exploring spirituality and nature through Indigenous peoples’ cultures. His works have been displayed internationally in Nice, France; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Hamburg, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Miami, Florida.

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